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Joe Young is the protagonist of the Trey Parker/Matt Stone film Orgazmo. He is a Mormon missionary who is bullied into becoming a porn star staring a superhero named Orgazmo, due to his martial arts skills.  After he quits, Maxx Orbison, the film's main villain, kidnaps Joe's fiance. He rescues her and defeats Orbison by shooting him with his Orgazmorator multiple times, causing permanent damage to his genitals.


Joseph Young finds the city to be a hostile and unenthusiastic place for their work. The problems worsen when they knock on the door of sleazy porn director Maxxx Orbison and several security guards are sent to dispose of them. Joe defeats all of them singlehandedly with a variety of martial arts skills. Impressed by his performance and bored of his current project's lead actor, Orbison attempts to hire Joe to be the title character and lead of his pornographic superhero film, Orgazmo. Joe is conflicted because of his beliefs, but the salary offered would pay for a wedding in the temple in Utah where his fiancée Lisa has expressed a strong desire to wed. Joe reluctantly accepts despite being given a sign from God.

Joe finds the crew of the film intimidating but manages to befriend co-star Ben Chapleski, a technical genius and graduate from MIT who works in the pornographic industry to satiate his overactive libido. He plays Orgazmo's sidekick Choda Boy, who assists Orgazmo with specially designed sex toys, including Orgazmo's signature weapon, the Orgazmorator, a ray gun that forces orgasm upon whomever it is fired. Ben invites Joe to his home later on and shows Joe a real, working Orgazmorator Ben has built, and he and Joe spend an evening using it on unsuspecting citizens for amusement.



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