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Joey is the main protagonist of Hellraiser: Hell on Earth and the second protagonist to defeat pinhead after Kirsty Cotton in the first two films.

Joey was a news reporter, who was looking for a "real" story, and found one, after witnessing a teenager's death in a hospital, by hooks killing him. She contacted Terry, who she befriended, and have her a place to stay at. She found out more about the accident with the teenager, after Terry showed her the puzzle box, and after they visited the museum, and discovered property of the Channard Institute. Joey ended up getting the job as the leader of investigating the story.

Joey found out that there was more than what meets the eye, when she was contacted in her dreams by Elliott Spencer, in which she was having disturbing dreams about her father's death. Her father was killed during the war at Vietnam, before she was born. Joey stepped through a window to another dimension, and Elliott explained to her what is going on, saying "Hell is exactly what's going on, and we have to stop it". Elliott instructed Joey to lead Pinhead to her apartment, and bring him to Elliott's world, so he can be sent back to Hell. Unfortunately, it wasn't that simple.

When Joey arrived at the Boiler Room Club, dead bodies were everywhere, and Pinhead had already killed them, along with her work mate Doc. Pinhead wanted her to give him the box, but she refused, and ran out in the streets, where she saw the police, which Pinhead's army of Cenobites killed. She then went to a church, and tried to warn the priest of the "demons", but he wouldn't believe her, and ended up having his church destroyed, and was fed Pinhead's blood.

Eventually, Joey got Pinhead into Elliott's world. Pinhead tried to kill her, but after Elliott and Pinhead became one person, Joey stabbed Pinhead with the now sharp end of the box, and sent him to Hell, after which she placed the box in cement and a lobby was built years later.

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