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I got news for you, pal. Even if you beat me, which you won't, Yugi'd cream you.
~ Joey to Bandit Keith
Congratulations. You win.
~ Joey to Mai before his death of the Seal of Orichalos

Katsuya Jonouchi or Joseph "Joey" Wheeler (4Kids dub) is one of the two deuteragonists (alongside Seto Kaiba) of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! series and both of its adaptations, acting as the deuteragonist in every arc up until Battle City. He is best friend of Yugi Muto, the protagonist, and other friends such as Téa Gardner and Tristan Taylor. Like his pals, he has defeated many enemies in duels. One of the duels being against Insector Haga, who had a creepy bug type deck. He was shown to have dark blonde hair, an almost Jersey accent in the 4Kids dub only, and his notable cards were his Time Magician and Red-Eyes Black Dragon.

He once started up as an amateur duelist. But somehow. he manage to win almost all of his games against his opponents.

Later, Joey, Yugi, and Seto Kaiba became the Chosen Ones to handle the three dragon cards. He was defeated by Mai Valentine and died when his soul was taken by Dartz until he was freed and revived by the three Legendary Knights of Atlantis.

At the end, he became one of the top five duelists in the Yu-Gi-Oh! series. He became #3. It was stated by Pegasus J. Crawford in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX.

He is voiced by Hiroki Takahashi in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Wayne Grayson and Dwayne Tan in the English version of the anime.


Joey was given a hard upbringing after his parents' divorce. Joey's father was a hard drinker and often neglected Joey as a result. Joey still visits and tries to see his sister Shizuka (Serenity, in the English version) and tries to watch-out for her when the situation arises. Joey was first met as one of protagonist Yugi Muto's more hot-headed school bullies and stole a piece of his Millennium Puzzle. However, after seeing Yugi's skill at the Duel Monsters game, Joey became far more fascinated with Yugi's skill than antagonistic. Since being won over by Yugi, Joey has become one of his closest friends, Sugoroku Muto's hobby shop after school and trying to improve his skills at the game to back-up his natural luck.

Joey joins Yugi throughout his adventures, unlike Téa, who is often moral support, and Tristan, who tends to handle physical threats, Joey is the only one in Yugi's regular group of friends who tends joins in duels along-side Yugi. In particular, Joey dislikes Seto Kaiba, an on and off ally and social elitist, and the two often snipe at each-other when the other is around.


Because of his family life, Joey is both aggressive as a default in any situation but also very protective of any friends he can get. He and Honda usually go hand in hand to resolve a situation with violence. Since the manga centers around Duel Monsters, Joey is all to willing to forgo violence and solve a situation with a contest of skill to strike a blow against his opponent's pride, just as bad as a physical assault in Joey's experience. Because Yugi was willing to show Joey how to improve his skills, despite his original stance as one of his bullies, Joey considers him to be one of his truest friends. Joey Is somewhat hasty when mad, as evidenced when he attacks Odion as the latter has 4 Trap Cards.

Joey has name gags such as Rex Raptor as both Dinosaur Breath and Dino Brain, Kaiba as Rich Boy, Zigfried as Zig-Freak and Weevil as Bug Boy.


Joey's deck is base of Warriors, Beast-Warriors, Machines, Spellcasters and Dragons. His favorite monsters are Flame Swordsman, Red-Eyes Black Dragon, Blue Flame Swordsman, Rocket Warrior, Panther Warrior, Thousand Dragon, Gearfried the Iron Knight and Jinzo. His strongest monster is his Gilford the Lightning, a card that can destroy all of his opponent's monsters when tributed 3 monsters. His favorite cards are Graceful Dice, Skull Dice, Magical Arm shield, Graverobber, Kunai with Chain, Nutrient Z and Scapegoat.

•Master hand to hand combatant: Joey has proven to highly skilled in hand to hand combat as he's been able to take on many opponents all by himself.

•Obove average strength: Joey has been seen to be very strong.

•Obove average endurance: Joey is seen to a lot of endurance.


Baby Dragon, transform into Thousand Dragon!!!
~ When Joey uses the effect of Time Magician to transform Baby Dragon to Thousand Dragon.


  • In the WCQ 2012, Joey has a bad grade when he and Tristan has a D+ in their math test.
  • Joey faced Pegasus and Ishizu in scripted duels and lost terribly to both of them. In the first one, Joey mentions Kaiba gave him a rare card; deeming it fourth rate.
  • His usage of Swordsman of Landstar (a weak level 3 monster he always plays in attack mode) is made fun by the creator of Yugioh Abridged, LittleKuriboh in his finale take on Waking the Dragons.
  • Joey's Red Eyes and Jinzo cards would later get more support in the real life card game in the 2010s; with some his other key cards getting retrained Red-Eyes versions (Gilfreed, Giltia, Kunai with Chain).
  • Joey mellowed out in the middle part of the manga that focused on Duel Monsters (volume 8 through 37); since he was more aggressive and willing to get into fist fights in the first six volumes.


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