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General Johann Abraham Revil is the commander-in-chief of the Earth Federation Forces and a principal hero in the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam.

He was voiced by Masaru Ikeda.


Johann Abraham Revil began his military career as an officer in the Earth Federation Army, eventually rising to the rank of Lieutenant General. He later became a four star general and commander of the Earth Federation Space Force.

Revil commanded the Earth Federation Forces in the Battle of Loum, which saw the Earth Federation Space Force successfully repelling the Zeon military's attempt to drop the Side 5 colony onto Earth and decisively defeat the Zeon forces, though they were unable to save Side 5's inhabitants before they were exterminated by Zeon under orders from Gihren Zabi with nerve gas. However, the Federation forces also took major losses in the battle as well, which saw Revil's flagship being destroyed and Revil himself taken prisoner by Zeon.

However, with the aid of covert Federation spies and Zeon defectors, Revil was able to escape alongside several other defectors from the principality and make his way to Earth just as the Earth Federation was negotiating surrender with Zeon. There, Revil delivered his famous "Zeon is exhausted" speech in which he revealed the poor conditions of the Zeon homefront that he had witnessed, and that Zeon was just as crippled as the Earth Federation. This led to the Federation refusing to surrender and continuing to fight against Zeon, as well as signing an armistice with them that banned the use of chemical and biological weapons along with nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction.

Revil commanded the Federation Forces in Operation Odessa, which saw the EFF targeting Zeon's mining facilities on Earth. Before the battle, Revil had Lieutenant Matilda Ajan deliver upgrades for the RX-78-2 Gundam to the White Base crew. The EFF achieved victory over the Zeon forces and once the battle was over, Revil met in person with the White Base crew to congratulate them, as well as give them further orders.

Late into the war, Revil received an offer of peace from Zeon Sovereign Degwin Sodo Zabi and went to meet him in person to negotiate the terms of Zeon's surrender. However, Degwin's son Gihren, Supreme Commander of the Zeon Armed Forces, was unwilling to surrender to the Earth Federation and fired the Solar Ray cannon at their location, killing both Revil and Degwin and destroying both their fleets.


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