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Please boss, don't put that thing on my face. Don't put me in the dark. I's afraid of the dark.
~ John Coffey's most famous quote and last words

John Coffey is the deuteragonist of the 1996 Stephen King book and 1999 movie, The Green Mile.

He was played by the late Michael Clarke Duncan.

In 1935, Coffey was imprisoned in the Cold Mountain Penitentary in Louisiana, charged with the rape and murder of 2 young white girls. But he's really polite and cordial and emotional. He also has powers of light and good, the ability to heal others, using it on Paul Edgecomb to cure his bladder infection, and the cancer infected wife of Warden Hal Moores, head of the death row prison. Coffey's explanation of his powers is that he "took it back".

Towards the end, William Wharton, criminal and villain, grabs Coffey's arm with futility and John Coffey sees that Wharton is actually responsible for the rape and killing of the 2 girls. When Percy Wetmore, guard and another villain, gets released from his punishment, Coffey seizes Wetmore and regurgitates the warden's wife's disease into Wetmore, making him catatonic permanently and shoot and kill Wharton. Coffey shows Edgecomb the truth. After Wetmore is admitted into Briar Ridge Mental Hospital as a patient, Edgecomb asks Coffey what he wants him to do and Coffey explains to Edgecomb that he wants to be executed and die so he can finally rest in peace from the cruelty and pain of the world. But he does want to watch a movie before he dies, which he does.

Powers and Abilities

Healing:: John Coffey has the power take away diseases but either must take them on himself or transfer it to another person.

Resurrection: John Coffey also possesses the power to reverse death, if it he does in a time shortly after death occurs.

Mind Reading: Coffey also possesses mind reading through touching, where he can see your past if he lays his hands on you.

Longevity Bestowal: John Coffey possesses an energy that, if transmitted to someone, can give them an extremely long lifespan.

Super Strength: John Coffey is an extremely large and powerful man, standing at least 7 foot and weighing over 500 lbs. His strength far exceeds an average humans.


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