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John Doe is a major character in the Telltale Batman games being a supporting character in the first season. In the second season he slowly changes into his Joker persona and soon becomes etheir the classic Clown Prince of Crime or an anti-heroic vigilante attempting to help Batman bring criminals to justice. This is one of the few sympathiec and heroic Jokers.


Nobody truly know his true identity, with the name "John Doe" that was given to him by the asylum staff. It seemed that even John himself was also unaware of his past and didn't remember his life prior to Arkham, how he got there or even his own name. It seemed that no one even remembered the day that John arrived and there was no record of him ever being committed. Other inmates were scared of John, particularly Victor Zsasz, who found him unpredictable. However, to staff members, particularly doctors Joan Leland and Harleen Quinzel, John seemed to recover and was one of the more cooperative of the inmates.

While at Arkham, John became obsessed with Bruce Wayne after saving his life and his activities in the public's eyes. He also began to admire Batman and his war against crime, particular criminals like Carmine Falcone. John kept a scrapbook of information and became determined to learn everything about Bruce. It's possible that John deduced that Bruce and Batman were one in the same, but it was left uncertain at that moment. It was later revealed he figured out Brce was Batman in season 2.


Season One

John is first introduced in Episode 4 of the first season, being an inmate of Arkham Asylum who does not remember his past or who he is, and not even any of the doctors know the truth.

He appears an outwardly friendly and laid-back man, but one who also possesses a violent and savage side as well, as shown when he viciously beats down two inmates but only to rescue Bruce Wayne. The two connect whilst both being imprisoned at Arkham, John revealing some facts about Vicki Vale's past that Bruce previously did not know such as Bruce's father having her parents killed and Vicki actually being "Victora Arkhan" before becoming Vicki Vale.

John agrees to help Bruce escape from Arkham in exchange for a favor, which Bruce can choose to promise to grant or not. Either way, John helps Bruce get out of Arkham. However, to do this he makes fellow inmate Zsasz try and murder another patient. Bruce can either save the patient or use a phone to ensure his release. Regardless of the choice, John still assists Bruce in finding Vicki by informing him to locate her parents.

He later shows up in Episode 5 gleefully witnessing the battle between Batman and the Children of Arkham's forces before then appearing in the very last scene in the fifth episode, now out of Arkham. Depending in you went as Bruce or Batman John will say he's going to try and top that or he'll see Bruce soon.

Season 2

John reappears in episode 1 free from Arkham. John reunites with Bruce at Lucius Fox's funeral. John hands Bruce a card which Bruce can reject or accept. John requests for Bruce to meet some friends of his who are in a "Pact" because of the favor he asked Bruce about regardless if Bruce agreed to it or not. Bruce can refuse to meet John's friends or agree to meet them. If the former happens John ends up getting angry at somebody and then start arguing but if the latter happens John will attempt to take a picture with Bruce which Bruce can refuse or agree to reluctantly or willingly and smile. 

John informs Bruce of his enemy in the Pact called the Riddler. Bruce asks John to tell him aout Riddler etheir because he'll meet John's friends if John does so or because he already agreed to meet John's friends. John ends up decieding to help Bruce find out about Riddler by finding somebody who knows Riddler's location. John is unaware that Riddler killed Lucius and that Bruce needs to find him because he is Batman. As John leaves Bruce may or may not put a tracker on John. John later informs Bruce of a man named Rumi Mori believing he can help Bruce find Riddler. Bruce can then thank John for this and choose to meet Mori for information on Riddler.

In episode 2 Bruce decieds to go under cover in the pack in order to find out information on Bane (who injured him in battle) and he meets John at the stacked deck. John is seen helping his friend Willy Deaver with his feelings. John and Bruce dicuss things such as Riddler's death which John is very happy about. John can reveal the tracking device to Bruce if Bruce put it on John earlier. If Bruce initailly refused to meet John's friends John will question Bruce about why Bruce changed his mind. Willy will come over and get aggresive with Bruce and possibly John as well. Bruce can defend himself/John or bribe Willy and calm him down.

John and Bruce exit the bar. John reveals he is in love and they enter John's car. Harley Quinn enters the car too. After a while John will a slushie for Harley and come back to the car. Harley will offer it to Bruce who can accept making John jealous or reject it. They arrive at Wayne Enterprises and enter the building to retrive the Phalanx Key for Harley. Tiffany Fox, Lucius's daugher, will appear and Bruce may able to talk her down and get her to give to John or she may tase John and try to escape but Harley stops her and they get the key anyway. 

Bruce soon gets captured by some goons and meets the Pact. John will stick up for Bruce against the other members by causing an EMP to go off allowing the Pact to free Bruce. Bruce can enter John's house and talk to him there. John can then reveal his appreciation for Batman and how he set off the EMP. When the Pact discusses bringing Bruce on a raid John will always take Bruce's side. Bruce will go with the Pact regardless.

The Pact commit a raid on the Agency. During the raid John is mostly a bystander. Bruce can then leave Harley or Bane behind. If Harley is left behind John if furious and demands they go back for her. When the Pact arrive back at the hideout, desite Bruce possibly attempting to promise they will go find her, Bane convinces John she is dead and John will head into his house to mourn for Harley. If Harley is not left behind John will stay witht he "Pact" as they reveal Riddler's corpse and John will be present when the other member of the "Pact" arrives: Catwoman.

In episode 3, John will be with the Pact if Bane was left behind. If Harley was left behind John will excidetly come out once she returns. Regardless of who was left behind between Harley and Bane, both end up making it back. John will be happy to see Harley and admit he was worried. Harley ends up taking control over the Pact. John will leave with Bruce and Catwoman to go to Riddler's hideout. John will attempt to hit Harvey Bullock over the head with a crowbar when he threatens to call the cops on Bruce. Bruce may bribe Harvey sucessfully, knock Bullock out or let John hit him.

In the hideout John will explain to Bruce certain things such as why he hated Riddler and why he loves Harley. John will also reveal he has no idea how his hair turned green as he doesn't remember anything about him before he got to Arkham. John will witness Bruce and Selina fight. John will tell Bruce they have to talk as Selna escapes.

John and Bruce meet up at a cafe where John talks to Bruce about Bruce's feelings with Catwoman. John will ask Bruce about advice on how to get Harley to love him. Bruce can tell John to manipulate Harley or be himself. John can give Bruce a test by putting coffe on a napkin or Johna nd Bruce can do roleplay. Bruce has to go because of the Bat-signal and John agrees to help him get the laptop as well as pay the for the coffe. However, as Bruce leaves John will notice his absence and then look up in the sky and see the Bat-signal.

John will meet Batman on the roof of the GCPD. John will agree to help Batman get the laptop. John will then take a picture with Batman. Batman can crush John's phone or let John keep the picture. Regardless Batman informs John to meet him behind the Stacked Deck if John can get the laptop.

If Bruce warns Catwoman the GCPD are goig after her John will fail to get the laptop. If Bruce doesn't warn her John will manage to steal the laptop and will give it to Batman at the stacked deck. John will question Batman if he will let him throw a Batarang. Batman can refuse or teach John how to throw it and even may let John keep it. If John is allowed to kepp it he promises to throw it a thousand times a day.

However, Harley find out about the laptop disappering. John tells Bruce he can give himself up or admit it was Catwoman urging Bruce to the latter so he won't die (regardless of who actually took it). If Bruce gives up Catwoman John will be grateful hsi friend took his advice. If Bruce says nothing John will tell Harley it was Catwoman. If Catwoman is given up John will leave with the Pact do to a raid on S.A.N.C.T.U.S. If Bruce is given up John will attempt to persuade Harley to save him but Harley will refuse and John will reluctantly leave with the Pact unable to save Bruce.

In episode 4 John will play a major role with this episode being about how he turns into Joker but possibly in a heroic way. If Bruce gave Selina up John will join the Pact in the raid. John  will not kill anyone instead working the technology. John will take a selfie with the group in the elevator which Bruce can choose to try and aviod, frown or smile. John will talk to Bruce in private about how he's unsure about what will happen. Bruce can reassure John they will make it through this together.

Once Bruce is revelaed as a tratior all the villains try to kill him except for John. Bane grabs Bruce and is about to kill him when John interferes and saves Bruce. Harley ends up stealing the L.O.T.U.S virus and leaves the group to be arrested by the Agency. Only John and Bruce escape.

If Bruce gave himself up, he'll arrive as Batman but everybody will be dead thanks to the vilalins. Batman will fight Bane and Freeze and get overpowered but John will save him once again. Harley will escape with the virus once again and only Catwoman, John and Batman escape here.

Later Bruce and Agent Avesta encounter John back at the Pact's hideout in Harley's office. John has a black eye because Harley punched him. Bruce can aggresively or passively ask John questions. John reveals the Agency had came and took Riddler's blood which Harley needed to combine with the virus to cure herself from her mental illness that drove her dad to suicide. Despite seemingly having lost faith in Bruce, John agrees to help his friend find and capture Harley but still points out to Bruce while leaving he had thought Bruce had arrived to check on John which Bruce didn't come to do.

John will text Bruce to meet him at the funhouse. When Bruce arrives John has killed three agents. John claims it was self-defense but there are holes in his story. John will inform Bruce that Harley took a truck and is trying to leave town. John will ask Bruce to trust him and let him help Bruce stop Harley.

If Bruce thinks John is lying or believes John but informs John he's still turning him in, John will run off. Bruce will head to Gotham Bridge as Batman and almost stop Harley but John will arrive and save Harley. John will blow the bridge up and tell Batman he couldv'e prevented everything he made John into this. Harley will praise John calling him "Mr J" and then kiss him finally giving him the iconic Joker lips. The two jump off the bridge togehter with John now finally embracing his persona as Villain Joker.

But if Bruce trusts John and doesn't threaten to turn him in the two head to the bridge together. John will attempt to talk Harley down. If Bruce doesn't let john talk to Harley or agrees with Waller to move in John will become a villain. If Bruce lets John talk to Harley and prevents Waller from letting her forces move, John will take Harley down and get the denonater and the virus. Amanda Waller thanks John for his help and asks for the virus but John correctfully pints out nobody should have te virus especially Waller. Waller incompetently attempts to shoot John but Bruce stops her. 

John will be enraged that she betrayed him despite him saving everybody. John will throw a smoke gernade blinding everybody. John will then stab Waller and blow up the bridge. Unlike when John becomes a villain, nobody dies as they just get knocked over. John will tell everyone he will work together with Batman to bring them all to justice and it will be so much fun. John will jump off the bridge finally decieding to embrace a Vigilante Joker persona.

If John became Vigiliante Joker two weeks later Joker will rescue Bruce at the water tower from the Agency. Joker will be dressed in a similar style to Batman and will thank his henchmen Willy, Frank and Lauren for hanging in. Joker will explain he choose the name because of how funny he is. Joker and Batman will then witness the Agency drop something on the ground. 

Inside the crate is Bane who was promised revenge by Waller. Joker and Batman work together to fight Bane. During the fight Willy will run and try and stop the agent controlling Bane. Batman can save WIlly or the agent. If the agent is saved Joker will be horrified and saddened by WIlly's death. If Batman fails to save etheir Joker will save Willy himself and the agent will be killed anyways.

Joker and Batman defeat Bane by ramming him Joker's Jokermobile or by getting Joker to drop a smokestack on him. Bane accuses Joker of killing Riddler. Joker will be enraged and attack Bane. Batman will stop Joker and the two are forced to escape from the Agency. Joker will be delighted to meet Alfred. Joker and Bruce can talk about certain things as Bruce heals up: about Joker's baterings (which he calls Jokerings), what happened after he jumped off the bridge and Joker's new outfit.

Waller will call Batman and demand him to give up Joker and the virus which Joker still has. Batman and Joker travel in the Batmobile to the GCPD much to Joker's delight. Joker and Batman arrive but Batman informs Joker to stay hidden. Joker does so but after Batman agrees to hand over Joker to Waller or refuses to hand over Joker in order to get Waller to leave Gotham, Joker will fly into rage and attack Waller.

Batman and Joker then fight Bane, Harley, Catwoman (the Suicide Squad of this game) and the Agency. The duo end up cornered but Joker throws two bombs at the Agency causing an explosion and knocks Batman (wjo attempted to stop the bombs) to the bottom of the building.

Joker's bombs knock everyone down and he captures Waller. Alfred and Bruce discuss about Joker at the Batcave as Bruce is reluctant to face Joker because they were friends. Batman does some invistigating discovers Joker has Waller at Ace Chemicals. Batman travels there and confronts Joker. Joker is relived to see Batman is okay. If Batman agreed to hand Joker over, Joker forgives Batman for it. If Batman refused to hand over Joker, Joker will state he only attempted to stop Waller from getting away and aced out of desperation with no intent to harm Batman.

Batman tries to talk Joker down. Joker decieds Batman is like Waller and tries to stab Waller to death but Tiffany arrives. She confeses she killed Riddler, sending Joker into rage and he throws a Jokerang into her hand. Joker finally decieds Batman is like everyone else. Waller will knock Joker over the railing and he almost falls into the chemicals but Batman catches him.

Joker runs but is tased by three agents who have just arrived. Joker will ask Batman, after everything they've been through, is this how it ends. Even if Batman promises to get Joker help, Joker will be upset saying he's come so far since Arkham because of Batman and believed in Batman like he never believed in anything. Joker screams it was all a lie and brutally slaughters the three agents who were about to arrest him. With blood all over his face and laughing insanely, Joker screams (after Batman calls out to him "John"), "IT'S JOKER!"

Batman and a now fully insane Joker get in a fight. Joker pulls out a gun and nearly shoots Waller and Tiffany but Batman stops him. Joker injuries Batman then retreats into a room with every picture he's every taken. Joker admits he wanted so hard to be like Batman and be admired and loved by Batman. Joker states he lost himself but not anymore.

After a brutal fight both men collapse beaten down. Joker admits he really wanted to be a hero but he just can't. He admits he knew Bruce used him and he should hate him for that but he doesn't because he had such a good time with him. Joker asks di Bruce ever think of him as his friend.

If Batman rrepleis no or syas nothing Joker will breifly look heartbroken. Joker states he pulled the mask to hard but he learns from his mistakes. Joker decieds from now on they are enemies. If Batman replies yes Joker was his friend Joker will be shocked. Joker will then simply state, "You are one messed up guy!" and laugh until he falls uncounsious. Ethier way a text will appear saying, "Joker will never forget that."

In the post-credits scene what happens to Joker varies. If Batman said no or did not say anything to Joker's final question, Joker, now locked back up in Arkhan Asylum, will head over to the window. If Bruce gave being Batman ,Joker will angered Batman never comes and smash a photo of him and a random person with Bruce's face taped on or him and Batman. If Bruce choose to keep being Batman, Joker will see Batman from the distance watching him and comment he knew Bruce would never abondon him. Joker will state "Nothing can keep enemies like us apart!" As Batman grapples away Joker laughs manically.

If Batman said yes to Joker's final question and admitted he did consider Joker his friend, Joker will sit in his cell looking sadly at his picture. Joker will hear a voice say "Visitor for John Doe." Joker will open his door and see Bruce. Joker will happily call his best friend's name out and Bruce will smile at John. John will then laugh, showing depsite everything they still are friends.

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