John Jameson

John Jameson is a minor character and Mary Jane's former fiancé in the 2004 film Spider-Man 2 who was played by Daniel Gillies.


Spider-Man 2

John Jameson is J. Jonah Jameson's son and a national hero for being an astronaut as well as an exceptional pilot. He is jokingly famous for becoming the first man to play American Football on the Moon.

After seeing her in a play on Broadway, he meets actress Mary Jane Watson and falls in love with her. On the night of a party honoring him, the relationship between the two is revealed to Peter Parker who was attending in order to take photos for John's father's paper The Daily Bugle.

Peter was gobsmacked that Mary Jane was seeing someone else and speaks to Mary Jane soon after where she states that she turned to John as he was there for her more often as Peter was always too pre-occupied (due to his life as Spider-Man).

She informs Peter that she has made her choice and leaves. Later at the party, John proposes to Mary Jane and she accepts. John then announces her decision to the guests.

As the wedding drew closer, Mary Jane started to doubt her decision and she "tests" John by kissing him just like Spider-Man did (upside down), but did not experience the same sensation given by the kiss from Spider-Man, although John greatly apreciated it.

John was extremely worried when Mary Jane was kidnapped by Doctor Octopus and was first on the scene when she was rescued by Spider-Man.

At the wedding day, John awaits for his beloved Mary Jane in the church. However she left him standing at the altar, choosing Peter over him after she learnt that Peter is in fact Spider-Man.

John is clearly dissappointed over the event, but his father just complains to John's mother, Joan about how much the caviar cost him. He wasn't seen again after the movie was over


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