Innocence is a negative. It's the absence of guilt.
~ John to Alice Morgan

DCI John Luther is the titular protagonist of the BBC psychological crime drama series Luther. He is a detective who works for the Metropolitan Police Service, in the Serious Crime Unit and legendary figure in London's police force both for his dedication and his ingenious approaches to solving cases. Unfortunately, these approaches often involve resorting to highly corrupt and pragmatic tactics, such as planting evidence on people who are clearly guilty and consulting with a murderer, causing a lot of people to view him as a 'dirty cop'.

He is portrayed by Idris Elba, who also portrayed Heimdall in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Stacker Pentecost in Pacific Rim.


DCI John Luther is an incredibly talented detective, with the ability to analyse situations quickly and put himself in the shoes of the criminal to understand what they are thinking and how they can be caught. Luther's ability to do this may have resulted from extensive detective work, as Luther is a workaholic and uses work to mask over problems he has in his personal life. He is more than willing to get his hands dirty in order to solve cases, which has earned him a rather bad reputation.

In Episode 1, Series 1 , Luther becomes heavily involved in the Alice Morgan case, despite having nothing to go on, correlating with issues with his wife Zoe. Luther's philosophy is that his job involves defending the dead who cannot defend themselves. Alice figures this out with the interview she has with Zoe.

As an empathetic individual working tirelessly to keep London safe, Luther's own home is very meagre. He possesses very little, despite working in his capacity for several years. The things which he does have, such as his car, are usually very old but durable. Luther doesn't seem to mind living it rough and lives very humbly. Alice Morgan, an arch-enemy-turned-friend, was the opposite, living a wealthy and decadent life, with a love of luxury. In contrast to Luther's view of love as one of the most important things in the world, Alice lost faith in love early in life, claiming "all it does is make us corrupt". When she met Luther, her faith in love was revived and she comes to call Luther a "friend" for saving her from a meaningless life.

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