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I eat Green Berets for breakfast and right now, I'm very hungry!
~ John Matrix.
Let off some steam, Bennett.
~ John Matrix upon killing Bennett.

John Matrix is a retired Delta Force soldier and the main protagonist of the 1985 action cult classic movie/film, Commando. Matrix is a devout, loving father, which is why he retired from the military but is willing to do whatever it takes to protect the ones he loves, namely his beloved daughter, Jenny.

He was portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, who also played Mark Kaminski in Raw Deal, Dutch in Predator, Ivan Danko in Red Heat, John Kimble in Kindergarten Cop, Trench Mauser in The Expendables, Jack Slater in The Last Action Hero, Ray Owens in The Last Stand, the Young OG Terminator, the Young T850 and the Old T800 from the Terminator franchise.



John Matrix was born in East Germany. At some point, Matrix came to the United States and joined the military, at some point joining an elite and secret Delta Force squad. Very little is known about Matrix in the theatrical version of the film, but the director's cut gives us more background on him. Matrix's wife died giving birth to their daughter, Jenny, when he was serving in Laos, presumably during the Vietnam War. He returned to the United States intending to raise her, but his service in the military meant that he was never home. Martix claimed that he was in Lebanon when she was three, in Angola when she was in grammar school and in Pakistan when she had the measles. Unwilling to let his daughter grow up without him, he retired from the military to raise Jenny as a single father.


Some years later, Matrix is informed by his former superior, General Franklin Kirby, that members of his unit were killed by mercenaries hired by a ruthless warlord. Matrix shrugs this off but he is soon attacked by the same group of mercenaries. During the assault, his daughter is kidnapped. He then goes off on his own to find his daughter and destroy the men who tried to kill him. He gets into a car wreck and is captured by the gang.

It is revealed that Matrix is needed to carry out a political assassination for a South American dictator named Arius, who wishes to lead a military coup in his home country of Val Verde. Arius, who was deposed by Matrix in the course of one of his missions, has chosen the colonel because the current president trusts him implicitly. If he fails to kill President Velasquez, Jenny would be executed by Bennett. With Jenny's life on the line, Matrix reluctantly accepts the demand.

After boarding a plane to Val Verde, Matrix manages to kill his guard, Henriques, and jumps from the plane just as it is taking off. With approximately 11 hours' time (the period of the flight), he sets out after another of Arius' men, Sully.

He then enlists the aid of an off-duty flight attendant named Cindy, and instructs her to follow Sully to a shopping mall. Cindy first assumes that Matrix is a maniac, but after seeing him desperately trying to get his hands on Sully, she has a change of heart and henceforth assists him in his endeavour. After a lengthy car chase, Matrix catches up with Sully whom he drops off a cliff to his death.

With Cindy's aid, Matrix learns where Jenny is being held. He then breaks into a surplus store to equip himself with military weapons, but the police arrive and Matrix is arrested. Cindy helps him escape, and after commandeering a seaplane from a nearby marina controlled by Arius, Matrix and Cindy land the plane off the coast of Arius' island hideout. Matrix instructs Cindy to contact General Kirby and then proceeds to Arius' villa, kills Arius' entire private militia, and subsequently confronts and kills Arius in a gunfight.

Matrix locates Jenny in the basement of the villa, where she has fled and was cornered by Bennett. After a fierce struggle, Matrix finally kills Bennett. However, Kirby arrives with a military detachment and asks Matrix to rejoin the Special Forces Unit but Matrix declines and departs the island aboard the seaplane with Jenny and Cindy.




  • John Matrix from Commando and Jonathan Rambo from First Blood both resemble Bill Rizer and Lance Bean (The Contra Duo) from the Contra video game series with the similarities between video game characters/heroes and 1980s action movie/film characters/heroes and the portrayal of the 2 legendary actors from the 1980s, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone.
  • Both Schwarzenegger and Stallone are the only action movie actors/celebrities to have also co-starred together in the [[1]] animated TV show, Liberty's Kids along with Liam Neeson and portrayed as the voice actors for the real life people in a cartoon series, Baron Von Steuben, Paul Revere and John Paul Jones.
  • John Matrix was similar to Bryan Mills from taken who had to rescue his daughter from terrorist.


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