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Johnny is one of the supporting characters in the anime and manga series, One Piece. He is the former bounty hunting partners alongside with Yosaku of Roronoa Zoro.

He was voiced by Masaya Takatsuka in Japanese and Jamie Meldrum in Alternate Odex dubbed, Dan Green in 4Kids dubbed, and the late Christopher Ayres in Funimation dubbed in English.


Johnny is the young average man with tanning skin, short black hair are currently seen holding his sword. The eyebrows is seen has pointing sometimes who has making a scowl, and he was smiles. He wears a pair of black sunglasses and has the black tattoo in the left cheek on the reads. He has a blue jacket and blue hoodie has purple shirt, light green pants, dark green boots, and his left wrist on the watch side. In the timeskip, he seem his muscular became more body on his both sides.

In the flashback of Post-Arabasta Arc, he has a grey hair with dark red spike in his middle. He still wears a pair of black sunglasses, also he wears a light blue long jacket with red shirt has black Japanese signs, black shoulders in came to his muscular, brown belt, dark blue jeans, and dark green boots. He also is still holding his sword.


Johnny is a arrogant and honorable man who is a happy-go-lucky, such as Yosaku. He sends more serious and occasionally to be more anger at his pair, while he being funny round Yosaku for this time. He seems also is extent to be dimwits of somewhere that he knows much like information when seen to be friendly misinformed of many times. Johnny includes of rumoring is "Hawk-Eyes" meeting the Baratie normally while they acting story calls out "Drunk-Eyes", from not let us know to caring about to Yosaku (and didn't know why he ailed him of the first place). He said that he was doesn't lost or having chance of margin against of his opponent so far even strongest better than he, much like Luffy or Arlong, indicated of arrogant. He also is loyal and outgoing seen when he going to ready to defeat Dracule while he found Zoro. He is also standing up from no matter what it came be in, the scene while he attack Dick from the Mountain Whale.

He is also towards to him, much like while he only not tied it up for Zoro to protect him for assaulting Arlong Park, now during his willingness with sample abandon of the fish-men while he ran off safely to Usopp. Meanwhile, Johnny was surprised, when he is loyal through to fight with Arlong and his crew to wise up had enough to be action know can leads of the villagers suffering. He was braving is not enough to fight Arlong Pirates, leaves the Straw Hat Pirates had no choice to defeat Arlong and his crew while they own. One of his quirk share his old friend Yosaku, to get out at his pride, of always stare that can he losing to his fight, he losing about while his hair.


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