Johnny Rocketfingers
Johnny Rocketfingers is a sunglass wearing stick figure known as a problem solver. His additude is considered "suppish", which means a cool, confident and laid-back personality. He is the protagonist of the Video Game with his own name.

Johnny Rocketfingers

In Johnny Rocketfingers, he was at the bar getting drunk when a women shows up and begs him to save her daughter she says she would pay him anything to save her.

You have four options:

  • Take the offer as he needs to pay the bar tender.
  • Take the offer if she sucks his pickels and eggs.
  • Kill her and take her money (though you'll get shot for it)
  • Fall asleep (though the bar tender might shoot you)

Johnny manages to enter the hideout of the thugs who kidnaped the girl but half way he gets captured and locked in a cell. He manages escape through the window. He comes comes across a girl who he thinks looks like the daughter. He comes across the women and tells her he found "her daughter," the women embraces him but Johnny pushes her away as he is only intersted in the money. She pays him and he gives her the kid, the women notices the she isn't her child and tries to explain, but Johnny tells her to shut up and leaves her. Johnny walks into a gang of thugs who want the money, the story ends with Johnny Rocketfingers charging towards them ready to fight.

Johnny Rocketfingers 2

In Johnny Rocketfingers 2, he mugs a drug dealer who plots revenge. At the bar three thugs are sent to kill him, but he ends up killing them instead. Some time later more thugs arrive at his apartment and atempt to pull off the same stunt, but Johnny escapes and with the help of a shady man (who is realy working for the drug dealer) he finds their hide out, which turns out to be a trap. Suddenly he was ambushed by the dealers enforcers but easly beats them leaving only the dealer. Johnny knee caps him in the face killing him. Later that knight at the bar Johnny tells the bar tender how he killed the dealer, when sudenly the women from the last game with the child Johnny gave her and with a big man presumably her boy friend or husband. The man smashes the bottle againts the fall making it jagered a charges at Johnny presumably just to get beaten by him.

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