Jojo Betzler. Ten and a half years old. Today, just do what you can.
~ Jojo Betzler.

Johannes "Jojo Rabbit" Betzler is the titular main protagonist of the 2019 black comedy film Jojo Rabbit. A lonely Hitler Youth member who sought to fit in with his Nazi peers in the final days of World War II, Jojo espoused the Nazis' jingoistic ideology in his day-to-day life, much to the dismay of his mother Rosie and the delight of his imaginary friend Adolf Hitler, a childish caricature of the dictator that Jojo idolized.

When Jojo learned that his mother hiding a Jewish girl named Elsa Korr in their attic, he became at first distraught because he saw Elsa's presence as a threat to a lifestyle he had grown comfortable with, but could not alert the Gestapo because doing so would have resulted in Rosie's execution. Yet by befriending Elsa through his interrogations, Jojo realized his social insecurity and that Rosie was right to disapprove of his xenophobic beliefs, coming to blows with Hitler in the process. Jojo eventually found his mother hanged by the Nazis after a Gestapo inspection of their home one day, in which Elsa revealed herself and pretended to be Jojo's older sister, Inge, who had earlier died from the flu.

By the film's conclusion, Jojo fully abandoned the Nazism he grew up with and found himself caught in a defensive battle between the Nazis and the Allied powers closing in on his town. He and his friend Yorki survived the military ordeal, and with World War II in Europe over, Jojo kicked his imaginary "friend" out the window of his room before starting a dance with Elsa.

He is portrayed by Roman Griffin Davis in his first movie role.

Role in the film


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Training with the Hitlerjugend

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Meeting Elsa

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Abandoning his beliefs

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The end of the war

JOJO: Nothing makes sense anymore.
YORKI: Yeah, I know, it's definitely not a good time to be a Nazi.
~ Jojo and Yorki.

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