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Jomo Momo
Jomo Momo is the arch-enemy of The Powerpunk Girls in a parrel world. He is the equivalent of Mojo Jojo and, unlike Mojo, is actually the hero in that universe while the Powerpunks are bad.

Like Mojo, he has a large brain with a helmet and creates machines, though for the good of mankind rather than for its destruction.

Jomo has yellow skin, black fur, orange eyes, a large, overly exposed brain under his helmet, which has straight green stripes, light greenish gloves and boots, an orange necklace with the letter J on it, a light greenish belt with a diamond on it.

Somehow Jomo's legs are furless but in the rest of the series they are covered with a thick layer of hairy black fur.

He speaks with a western Japanese accent and somehow he also has long lasting sentences just like Mojo, but the only thing different is that Mojo lives in a laboratory built on an active volcano in Townsville and Jomo lives in a laboratory just like Mojo, but his laboratory is built on a mountainous, dormant volcano in the middle of Viletown.

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