Everyone wants to pay homage to a dying legend, everyone wants the glamour of a bygone age.
~ Jon Gravelli

Jon Gravelli (1923 - 2008) was a character in Grand Theft Auto series that appears as a main character in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Life up to 2008

Jon Gravelli was born in Meadow Hills, Dukes, Liberty City in 1923. His criminal record dates back to 1940, when he was first arrested for possession of gambling records at only 17 years old. Rigorous criminal activity continued through his twenties, including car theft, attempted murder and bribery, though his LCPD record states that he had never been in prison.

Gravelli started a Mob-war against the Ancelotti crime family in 1972, after almost killing Giovanni Ancelotti's uncle.

Gravelli took charge as the Don of the Gambetti Family in 1978 after the death of Sonny Cangelosi, when Gravelli was 55. The Gambetti Family became the most powerful of Liberty City's Mafia families under Gravelli's leadership. He had a son, Jon Gravelli, Jr., who was an associate of the Gambetti's but was disowned after he developed a cocaine addiction.

In his late sixties, during the early 1990s, he was arrested twice again and beat both cases. Since 2005, he was a patient in Schottler Medical Center. He was charged with racketeering in 2006 and was awaiting trial - as many other organized crime figures had done, people believed Gravelli was faking his illnesses to avoid trial, but were proven wrong when he stayed hospitalized for his remaining years.

Sometime in the late 1990s to the early 2000s Garvelli start to work with United Liberty Paper company, and became a good friend with one of the company's senior agent.

Events of GTA IV

In 2008, Gravelli was introduced to Niko Bellic via cellphone through his contact at United Liberty Paper who is referred to as a "mutual friend". Jon Gravelli first hired Niko to provide security for a politician from Russian gangsters who wanted to whack him. Niko and the convoy are ambushed on a back street they survive the ambush. Next, Jon ordered Niko to whack Korean Mob connected Kim Young-Guk for running a counterfeiting operation. In Liquidize the Assets, he hired Niko to destroy the Ancelottis' drug vans in a warehouse. It was through his and U.L Paper's assistance that Niko is able to have Darko Brevic delivered to him from Bucharest.


A news report on the radio and internet (after the completion of GTA IV's storyline) states that Gravelli passed away peacefully in his sleep, prior to standing trial. It also appears after the completion of The Ballad of Gay Tony's storyline.

It's unknown who became the Don of Gambetti crime family after Gravelli's death, although Roy Zito, as Consigliere, is most-likely to have.


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