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This is a job for Superboy!
~ Jon Kent.
Staying close to Damian-- being a good friend in good times and bad--is the answer, not pushing him away. We only learn by making our own choices dad.
~ Jon Kent to his father.

Jonathan Samuel "Jon" Kent, best known as Superboy is a fictional character in the DC comics and universe. He is the firstborn son of the Kryptonian Superman/Clark Kent and Lois Lane. He now fights crime alongside his father and the young Robin Damian Wayne, who he considers to be his best friend.

He was created by Dan Jurgens, and first appeared in Convergence: Superman #2 in July of 2015.



Jonathan Samuel "Jon" Kent is the son of the Kryptonian superhero, Superman and Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane. He was born during a multiversal cataclysm where his parents were abducted from their Earth, and placed on sentient planet to fight amongst others who were abducted.

Superman managed to get his family to safety, and with the assistance of Batman, aided the delivery of Jon. Clark and Lois decided to name their son in honor of Clark's adoptive father and Lois's father, Jonathan "Pa" Kent and Samuel Lane.

When Vril Dox, who had caused the cataclysm, had a change of heart, Lois and Superman went to the first crisis in order to prevent the multiverse from collapsing. Superman, Lois, and their son ended up stranded on a different Earth, and to avoid being discovered, the family went under the surname White.

Jon's past history is eventually changed after a confrontation with Mister Mxyzptlk altered the continuity. In this revised timeline, Jon was born within the Fortress of Solitude after terrorists made a attempt on Lois's life.


Jon grew up without knowing of his parents' past while living a normal life, but became suspicious of their behavior due to his father still acted a superhero and his mother still published her work under the pseudonym "Author X". Jon eventually learned that he inherited superpowers from his father, and was later rescued by his father and told the truth about his family's origins. Jon and his parents would later encounter the Eradicator, who wanted to absorb Jon's Kryptonian powers. Jon and Clark battled the Eradicator, and managed to defeat him with the assistance of Lois donning one of Batman's suits.


Superman gave Jon the title Superboy after introducing his son to Batman and Wonder Woman, having traveled to the Justice League's Watchtower. Additionally, Clark gave his son a pair of glasses and a hat to help Jon form his secret identity. While working on a science project for school with his father, a device in the Fortress of Solitude went haywire and transported them to Dinosaur Island. The two managed to fight out the mutated dinosaurs with the help of Captain William Storm, and returned home.

Later on, Jon accidently torched some woodlands near a swamp while searching for a Christmas tree, but was rescued by Nobody and Goliath. He was then brought to the Batcave for questioning, and learned that Damian Wayne had been keeping him under surveillance for a while. The two did not get along at first, and the situation became further complicated when Superman and Batman blamed each other for the conflict. A fight was stopped when Jon used his freeze breath to separate the two, and he explained the situation to his father.

Superman and Batman decided to teach their sons the value of teamwork, and had them undergo a series of challenges, but they failed them. Jon and Damian finally managed to put aside their differences to save their fathers from an apparent threat in the Batcave, but it was revealed to be a ruse. At this point, Alfred Pennyworth declared them to be the "Super Sons", and the two became partners.

Powers and Abilities


  • Kryptonian-Human-Hybrid Physiology: Being the son of a Kryptonian and human, he is a hybrid, but his genetic structure allows him to posses similar powers like his father while under a yellow sun. However, Batman has stated that Jon has the potential to exceed his father due to his hybrid cells.


  • Indomitable Will: Jon Kent has shown himself to posses great willpower for someone his age, being strong enough to overcome Time Commander's time freeze.

Appearances on the Media

  • He has a cameo in the animated series Teen Titans Go! in the episode "Chicken in the Cradle."
  • Jonathan appears in the animated series Young Justice: Outsiders in the episode "Home Fires" as an infant, when his mother Lois brings him to the home of Iris West for a playdate with the children of other superheroes.
  • Superboy Jon Kent appears as one of the playable characters in the DC Legends video game.
  • Superboy appears as one of the playable characters in Lego DC Super-Villains, voiced by Yuri Lowenthal, who also voices Spider-Man in the Marvel's Spider-Man video game.


Up until a couple days ago I thought I was a normal kid--with normal parents livin' a normal life. But that was a lie! Now I'm hearing about other planets and aliens and dad bein' Superman even though there's another Superman and I just... I mean, what I really want to know is... what does all this mean?
~ Jon Kent.
Sorry, Rob, the Superboys've got a better plan! Our two heads are totally better than one!
~ Jon Kent to Damian Wayne.
You do what every hero does... the best you can.
~ Jon Kent.


  • He is named in honor of his adoptive paternal grandfather and his maternal grandfather, Jonathan Kent and Samuel Lane.


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