Jonah Hill is the human protagonist of Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return, being the third MST3K test subject.

He was portrayed by Jonah Rey.

Jonah succeeded Joel Robinson and Mike Nelson. Like Joel, Jonah worked for Gizmonics Institute. He was a space tug driver, hauling asteroids back to Earth for Gizmonics.

Meanwhile, on Moon 13 Dr. Clayton Forrester's daugther Kinga Forrester resurrected MST3K. She acquired the services of TV's Son of TV's Frank (aka Max), rebuilt the Satellite of Love, and populated it with Gypsy, Cambot, Tom Servo, and Crow T. Robot.

Kinga soon captured Jonah and had him placed on board the SOL, which was attached to Moon 13 via an umbiliclus. Jonah and the 'bots were forced to watch a series of bad movies together while Kinga monitored Jonah's mind. Jonah and the 'bots riffed on the movies to stay sane through the process. She also forced Jonah to particpate in invention exchanges.

In addition to being a good space tug driver, Jonah was skilled in robotics, retrofitting Gypsy so that she hung from the ceiling and giving her a midwestern female voice.

Kinga soon decided that she had to get married, and selected Jonah to be her mate, much to to consternation of TV's Son of TV's Frank. At the end of season 11 she brought Jonah down to marry her, but in a fit of jealousy Max had Reptilicus Metallicus consume Jonah.

Jonah's fate is currently uncertain after Reptilicus Metallicus consumed him. In the closing credits of the season 11 finale a figure wearing a spacesuit that Jonah designed was seen walking on the exterior of the SOL, meaning that he perhaps could be back in season 12.


  • Jonah's first name - like Joel and Mike before him - was the same as that of the actor playing him. His last name of Heston seems to have been in honor of Charlton Heston.
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