Jonas Taylor is the main protagonist of the 2018 film The Meg

He is portrayed by Jason Statham.


Jonas Taylor was a U.S. Marine until a mission went awry and he lost two of his men. Jonas claimed that they were attacked by a Megalodon, but no one believed him and he was kicked out of the marines.


On the surface, Jonas Taylor seems like the typical tough as nails action hero. However he is shown to care for others such as his ex wife, Lori, and love interest Suyin Zhang.


He is seen for the first time during a rescue mission with two friends of his own, in a submarine wreck. Although he managed to save few people, his two cronies are left in the wreckage and die there in an explosion caused by a shark. He rathered leave them die than make all the survivors to perish. Dr. Heller didn't believed him and thought he is a coward. Jonas then left everything behind after the mission and spent all his time in Thailand.

He is contacted by Mac, an old friend and Dr. Zhang, the director of Mana One who need him for another mission in which, Lori his ex-girlfriend is involved. Jonas accepts, brings Lori and The Wall back, but the third member, Toshi has sacrificed himself for them. Zhang's daughter Suyin believes he has in fact abandoned Toshi, which annoys Jonah who refuses to mission again. However, Heller finally believes Jonas after this incident and the latter only asks him to heal Lori so they are even. 

It was then that the team realized that the Meg (a species supposed to be extinct) returned to the surface and destroyed several boats. Everyone goes to the scene and they kill a giant shark they think is the Meg. The real monster then shows up, devours Heller and The Wall and seriously injures Dr. Zhang. The survivors take a remaining canoe to reach the station and Zhang dies in front of Suyin and Jonas. Suyin learns the news in Meying and in the evening, Jonas comforts his friend who is delighted to have him by her side.

That night, Morris, who was trying to eliminate the Meg himself, was killed and managed to plant a tracker to locate it. Jonas and the others learn that the shark is heading for Sanya Bay and decides to destroy it once and for all. 

Suyin and Jonas start an underwater fight against the Meg in which they win. They and the last survivors celebrate their final victory on a wedding boat. It is unknown if Jonas and Suyin got together but it is certainly the case after what they experienced together.

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