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You keep telling everybody that this place is a death zone, but it's not. You're lying, 'cause what's really happening is that you're hiding something out there! I'm right, right? My wife died here! Something killed my wife, and I have the right to know! I deserve answers! (lights turn off, and then back on) See? There it is again. That is not a malfunction; that is an electromagnetic pulse! And it affects everything for miles and miles, and it is happening again! Don't you see that?!? And it's gonna send us back to the Stone Age!
~ Joe Brody to Dr. Ishiro Serizawa and Dr. Vivienne Graham.

Joseph Brody, more commonly known as Joe Brody, is a major protagonist in the 2014 Godzilla reboot film, the first installment in the MonsterVerse franchise. He is Ford's late father and a former lead engineer at the Janjira nuclear plant until its destruction in 1999.

He was portrayed by Bryan Cranston, who also played Walter White in Breaking Bad, Hal Wilkerson in Malcolm in the Middle, Zordon in Power Rangers and Chief in Isle of Dogs.



Joe was a nuclear physicist that worked in Japan and lived there with his family. In 1999, around the time of his birthday, he supervised a damage check that was being conducted by a team led by his wife, Sandra. During a major breach in the Janjira nuclear power plant, his wife was unable to evacuate her team to safety, and Joe watched in tears as they pounded against the door separating them from the rest of the facility, becoming completely distraught when he witnessed Sandra behind the door before the bulkhead separated them both. The events left Joe very distraught and became obsessed with trying to find out what really happened to cause the breach, which was attributed to a large earthquake.

15 years later, in 2014, his son Ford bails him out after he was caught trespassing in the now-quarantined Janjira. Joe, convinced that the breach was not caused by a natural disaster, convinces his son to go back to their old house within the Q-zone. They head back to Janjira to try and find clues about the disaster, and they discover it is not radioactive as previously claimed, though they are eventually caught and brought to the rebuilt power plant, now a large laboratory for studying a strange chrysalis. Joe is later interrogated, where he reveals his suspicions of the true circumstances of the incident 15 years prior, saying that he "deserves answers", which catches the attention of Dr. Ishiro Serizawa. Moments after, the personnel within the lab notice rapid EMP pulses being emitted every few seconds at a quickening pace, and are forced to destroy the chrysalis. A large monster then erupts from the chrysalis after years of containment and starts to wreak havoc in the lab, killing and injuring many workers. In the ensuing chaos, Joe is mortally wounded after the catwalk he is standing on is torn down by the creature, to Ford's horror.

The next day, Joe is being put in an ambulance for treatment when Serizawa requests that Ford and Joe be brought with him, in order to find out more about what he knew. In the helicopter Joe and Ford are being transported in, Joe succumbs to his injuries and dies peacefully with his son by his side.


Before the events of Janjira's destruction, Joe was shown to be quite a family-man, showing his love for both his wife and son, while also expressing regret at not being able to see his son's birthday banner that was made for him that day.

However, he was also shown to be very serious, patient, and straight-forward at his workspace, especially when tremors started occurring near the plant, ordering Sandra to take a team, and go scope things out in the reactor. When the reactor breach occurred, he was also shown screaming at his co-workers to keep the bulkhead doors open in order to wait for his wife, while also frantically ushering them out of the reactor.

During, and after his wife's death, 15 years later, he seemed to break down mentally, staying by himself at his home, rarely leaving, with mass amounts of newspapers placed all over his walls, documenting events ranging from the year 1954, to the events 15 years prior. He noted that his reasons for not being able to let go (of trying to prove the reactor's destruction was not caused by a natural disaster) was because he "sent her down there", which showed that he felt some sort of guilt for his actions during that day, and somehow felt responsible for her death, and somehow felt like he needed to find the truth, wherever it may lie.

Joe was also seen to be willing to trespass into the Q-Zone multiple times, showing that his guilt did not prevent him from committing felonies, and may have even pressed him to do so. These actions however, also showed that Joe was intelligent, as he was able to get into the Q-Zone several times without detection immediately, also managing to learn that the air was not radioactive as it should be, while trespassing with Ford, before witnessing an unknown event from the seemingly destroyed reactor, and subsequently being captured by the authorities while in the open.

While being interrogated, he became quite distraught and angered, angrily stating all the facts he knew on the disaster, including the lack of radiation at Janjira and how "they," referring to Monarch, were "lying," and that they were "hiding something out there," before boldly stating he "deserved answers."


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