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Hero Overview

~ Old Joseph's catchphrase if something goes wrong.
Your next line is...
~ Young Joseph's catchphrase.
Well, I guess now you can see the difference in our fighting experience. Once your opponent started boasting their victory, they've already lost! This is how Joseph Joestar does things! I guess I just get better with age.
~ Joseph Joestar to Nena.

Joseph Joestar is the protagonist of Part II: Battle Tendency, the main deuteragonist in Part III: Stardust Crusaders, and a supporting character in Part IV: Diamond is Unbreakable.

A survivor, Joseph meets the fantastic threats approaching him throughout his life with initiative and ingenuity. He is the most recurring JoJo in the series after his grandson, Jotaro Kujo.

In the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime, Joseph is voiced by currently Tomokazu Sugita in Battle Tendency, with his old self in All-Star Battle included, and is also voiced by the late Unshō Ishizuka in Stardust Crusaders and Diamond is Unbreakable. In the English Dub, he is voiced by Ben Diskin in Battle Tendency and Richard Epcar in Stardust Crusaders and Diamond is Unbreakable, who has also voiced Raiden and the Joker since Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe

His voice Ben Diskin also voiced Nigel Uno and Hoagie Gilligan from Codename Kids Nextdoor. 



Joseph was born from the marriage of George Joestar II and Elizabeth Joestar. Due to the former's death and the latter's exile, Joseph was raised by his grandmother, Erina and Speedwagon. Sometime during his teens, he was able to demonstrate a proficiency for hamon when he and Speedwagon were being robbed on a plane. This ended with both of them and the pilot escaping the plane which has crashed.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure : Battle Tendency

Joseph's first appearance involves him getting his wallet stolen while he was buying a beverage. He later appears to cover up for the pick-pocket, a boy named Smokey Brown. Joseph still ended up having to fight off the cops due to their hostility and he then invites Smokey to dinner. While eating, he is given permission from Erina to beat up a particularly rude patron who was threatening Smokey. After doing so, the patron's boss gives Joseph and his grandmother information regarding Speedwagon's fate. Joseph decides to go and search for Speedwagon himself, ending up in Mexico while doing so.

Upon arriving, he is attacked by a soldier which he dispatches before arriving in the military base. There he creates an elaborate "disguise" to trick the guards which failed, forcing him to beat the guards and steal a uniform. After arriving in the base, he found himself in the middle of a massacre performed by a pillar man. At first, Joseph doesn't take the threat seriously but upon realizing the danger his opponent posed, he stepped up his game and tricked the pillar man into partially absorbing him, dismembering his opponent in the process. Joseph then drags the pillar man out into the sun and with some help from Stroheim, he defeats the pillar man.

Some time later, he was brought to Italy to meet up with another hamon user, Caesar Zeppeli. At first, Caesar absolutely despised Joseph, going as far as attacking him in public. The fight ends with Joseph in a bubble and Caesar swallowing a pigeon. Later the two meet up with their driver and they arrived at the research facility, finding all the employees slaughtered. After Caesar's defeat, Joseph steps in and fights Wamuu using a pair of clackers. He was unfortunately defeated due to the pillar man's ability, the Divine Sandstorm. Joseph survives this attack and crawls away towards a minecart to lead Wamuu away from Caesar and Speedwagon. He then gives Wamuu a deal, to fight him a month later as he will be stronger by then. The pillar men agree and Joseph wound up with 2 poisonous rings in his body which can only be dissolved by an antidote within the face rings of Wamuu and Esidisi.

A few days later, Joseph arrives in Air Suplena Island in order to further train his hamon. While Caesar was renting a gondola, it is revealed that the gondola was guarded by the coach they were supposed to meet, a woman named Lisa Lisa. The coach quickly attacked him, placing a mask on his mouth which forced him to properly breath as long as the mask stays on. She then lead him and Caesar into a tower with oil on the base before pushing them in. The tower itself is a test known as the "Hell Climb Pillar" which hamon users must climb with hamon. At first Joseph was unable to climb due to his lack of training. He was however able to catch on with Caesar's technique and followed suit. Unfortunately, Joseph triggered a trap on their way up, resulting in a strong burst of oil which they need to climb over as their final test. Joseph however was able to climb over the oil by sticking onto it and riding towards a side where the burst was weaker. He almost falls off but was helped by Caesar despite their previous rivalry. The two were introduced to Lisa Lisa's colleagues and their training began.

Some time later, Joseph's final test began where he was supposed to fight off Loggins. However upon arriving, he found that Esidisi had killed Loggins and was searching for the Red Stone of Aja. Joseph fights the pillar man, cutting off Esidisi's arm which sends him into a crying fit. However it was all a ruse that Esidisi did to calm himself down. Joseph ended up being tricked and countered by the pillar man and was able to defeat him with forward thinking and a magic trick. Unfortunately after using the antidote, Esidisi's brain was able to latch onto his back. He later has to beat the brain out Suzi Q, a maid working in the island, with help from Caesar. Joseph joins the group in their journey to Swiss to retrieve the Red Stone of Aja.

While resting in a cabin, Joseph discovered that Kars had arrived as well as Stroheim who had been revived and enhanced. After the soldier's defeat, Joseph ends up having to race Kars to get the Red Stone of Aja, ending with them falling off a cliff. He was able to survive by forming a chain made of icicles. Some time after that, he explains the dangers of attacking the pillar men in their hideout, something Caesar disagrees with. During their argument, he disrespects their heritage, resulting in Caesar punching him before leaving to fight the pillar men.

After learning about Caesar's backstory, he decides to catch up with him later. Upon arriving, Caesar has been killed and had left behind his headband and the antidote ring in a bubble made of hamon and blood. Joseph and Lisa Lisa proceeded to go deeper into the hideout. The 2 were able to convince the remaining pillar men to fight them on even ground before Joseph was sent to get the Red Stone of Aja. Before Joseph's fight against Wamuu, he got to listen to a part of his coach's backstory. Wamuu later shows Joseph the chariots and horses they'll be using for the race.

At the start of the race, Joseph got a head start by jamming the wheels of Wamuu's chariot with pebbles. Joseph was able to grab a sledge hammer before having his chariot smashed with a pillar. He was able to get back on the race by launching himself towards Wamuu's horses and survived a Divine Sandstorm by dismembering the pillar man's arms with hamon. He then makes a critical mistake of grabbing the larger crossbow, resulting in a crossbow bolt being launched towards his body. He was able to turn the situation by distracting Wamuu long enough for him to fire his crossbow, hitting the pillar man and allowing him to dismember Wamuu's legs. Immediately he was at the mercy of the pillar man's strongest ability, the Atmospheric Rift. Joseph ended up having to sacrifice Caesar's headband to destroy his opponent, thus winning the fight and Wamuu's respect.

Later he watched as his coach was double-crossed by Kars and having to fight him off himself. During the fight, Stroheim and an army appeared to vanquish the zombies with some UV lights. Joseph himself was able to defeat Kars by distracting him with a burning scarf, tying him up, and throwing him off. The pillar man however was able to get his hands on the Red Stone of Aja and became the Ultimate Lifeform. Joseph was soon chased by Kars and wound up leading him towards a volcano by plane. They eventually arrive at the volcano with some help from Stroheim and they drowned Kars in lava which he quickly escapes. Joseph was able to finally defeat Kars by redirecting the pillar man's hamon towards the Red Stone of Aja, allowing the volcano to launch the two to the sky. Joseph was able to use his severed hand to grab onto Kars as he is knocked by volcanic rocks, sending him to space. Joseph survived his ordeal and was treated by Suzi Q for a few months before getting married to her. He arrived at his own funeral, shocking his remaining friends and family.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure : Stardust Crusaders

Joseph appears in the part to help out his daughter, Holly Kujo deal with her son. He then appears in the prison Jotaro was staying at before introducing him to a friend of his, a fortune teller named Muhammad Avdol and his stand, Magician's Red. After Jotaro decided to leave, Joseph decided to explain the introduction and origin of stands as well DIO's return. He stays at Holly's home while Jotaro went to school and was still there when Jotaro returned with Kakyoin. He also explains how DIO was controlling his minions. The next day, Joseph discovered that his daughter's stand is killing her. In an attempt save her, he joins the crusaders and embarks on a journey to destroy DIO.

While on a plane ride, Joseph ended up having to fly the plane after the fight against Tower of Gray which resulted in a pilot's death. Later they ate at a restaurant where they met Polnareff. Joseph decides to help him order and they all ate the food before the Frenchman decides reveal his intentions. They later bring him along after hearing his backstory and they rode a ship which is later damaged by a stand. They then boarded another boat which turned out to be another stand. He was not involved in any fights in Singapore but was attacked in India by a parasitic stand called The Empress. He was framed for murder and was forced to escape the authorities. He was however able to kill The Empress by submerging it in coal tar and tearing it apart with his stand, Hermit Purple.

Some time later after they were able to beat Enya, Joseph decided to haggle with a kebab shop owner. The shop owner was later revealed to be Steely Dan who kills Enya and uses his stand to hold Joseph hostage. Kakyoin and Polnareff ran off with him in an attempt to help Joseph who was able to use his stand to give his friends the location of the stand. The 2 were able to beat the enemy stand with great difficulty, allowing Jotaro to later beat Steely Dan up. He and the other crusaders were also attacked by various other stands. Before ending the journey, he decides to bring the other crusaders to visit an island which later revealed to be inhabited by Avdol.

After arriving in Egypt, he decided to ask the Speedwagon Foundation to bring in Iggy, a dog stand user which Avdol found some time ago. They were then attacked by N'Doul and his stand, Geb. They survived the ordeal and on their way to the hospital, he and Polnareff unintentionally messed with the disguised Oingo. Later after visiting an outdoor bathroom, he is subjected to Mariah's stand which caused his body to atract metal. He and Avdol ended up having to chase down the assassin, being able to finally crush her between himself and the fortune teller. Some time after that, they visited a cafe where they are met by a gambler named Daniel D'Arby. Despite Joseph's cunning, he was beaten at gambling due to his opponent's trick and temporarily lost his soul. Jotaro was able to win said soul back and the crusaders continued on their journey.

After discovering DIO's mansion, he along with Jotaro and Kakyoin were seperated from the others and was forced to play video games against the butler, a man named Terence D'Arby. Kakyoin was defeated and Jotaro was beginning to lose as Terence's stand allowed him to gain answers from his target's soul. Joseph was able to outsmart this by using Hermit Purple to play the game for Jotaro, resulting in Terence's subsequent defeat. He later joins the crusaders in an attempt to confront DIO, only to discover that the vampire's stand ability was too strong and immediately bailing out with the rest of the crusaders. He and Kakyoin later chased after DIO. He witnessed Kakyoin's death and was able to tell Jotaro what DIO's stand ability is. After DIO's death, Joseph is revived and he got to say his goodbyes to Polnareff.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure : Diamond is Unbreakable

Before the beginning of the part, Joseph revealed to his family that he had an affair and sent Jotaro to remind Josuke that the teenager will get a part of the inheritence. While trying to use his stand on an image however, he instead reveals images of an enemy stand user. Some time later he is brought to Morioh by boat and was almost killed by Red Hot Chili Pepper due to his senility. Luckily he was saved by Okuyasu and got a chance to meet Josuke in person. Joseph later discovered an invisible baby and was able to protect her from various dangers, ending with him using his blood to locate the baby who was drowning. He however had wasted Josuke's money on baby products, resulting in the teenager's shortage of money. Joseph appears when Reimi ascends to heaven and later joins Jotaro as they left Morioh. Before he left however, his wallet was stolen by Josuke.


Part II: Battle Tendency

In Battle Tendency, Joseph is a hotheaded, goofy, impetuous, and confrontational teenager. Quick to violently respond to the slightest provocation, Joseph would often get into brawls growing up; prior to events of the story, he had been imprisoned seven times and expelled once from school for fighting. Having no respect for authority save of his grandmother's, and later Lisa Lisa's, Joseph has antagonised policemen and mafiosi alike. Furthermore, Joseph is a foul-mouthed individual and regularly taunts his enemies, enjoying aggravating them. He notably taunted Kars when he launched him into space, claiming to have again planned everything from the beginning just to annoy him.

Joseph is a playful man and prefers fooling around over having any responsibility. By his own admission, his most hated sentences are "hard work" and "work hard", and still had to be pushed to train his Ripple talent in spite of facing certain death if he didn't meet and fight Wamuu again. Joseph has a fairly goofy side and spends half of his fights enjoying having outsmarted his current enemy with incredibly zany schemes, which take his opponents by surprise by how silly his plans are at first sight. A show-off, Joseph likes being the centre of attention and couldn't stand that his rival Caesar had a special technique. With his prestidigitation talent, Joseph mixed his boastful nature and his love of pranks into a dangerous tool in battle.

At the beginning of his adventure, Joseph's one redeeming trait is his devotion to his family and friends. Joseph cares deeply for his grandmother Erina Joestar, and is deeply angered when a gangster has the nerve of mentioning Speedwagon's death before her, which upset her. Joseph also cares for his "Uncle Speedwagon", who he considers like a father and Speedwagon's disappearance pushed Joseph to go look for him in Mexico. Joseph also has a knack for befriending people. Despite having been stolen his wallet, Joseph quickly befriended Smokey Brown and couldn't tolerate discrimination against him. In the same way, Joseph befriended Caesar Zeppeli and Lisa Lisa even though they had difficult starts. Joseph even came to respect the Pillar Man Wamuu, and gave him a last salute as he died.

Over the course of Part 2, although he never really lost his overall attitude, he did develop into a strong, focused hero. In accord with his dismissal of any kind of discipline, Joseph believes that anything is fair in a fight as long as one isn't needlessly cruel. This results in him being a cheat and once earned him a scolding when he tried to climb the Hell Climb Pillar using a rope instead of with the Ripple as intended. Joseph possess a peculiar sense of honour, acknowledging Esidisi's underhanded moves as somewhat noble, since he did them for his fellow Pillar Men. However, when Kars backstabbed Lisa Lisa, Joseph was furious since he sullied the memory of his companion Wamuu. Thus it could be said that Joseph values kinship dearly.

Joseph is something of a flirt. He regularly comments on women's voluptuousness and was bold in his flirting with his future wife Suzi Q. Joseph's antagonistic behavior toward Caesar may have been out of jealousy that he could seduce girls so easily. Not knowing that Lisa Lisa was his mother, Joseph enjoyed peeping on her and when she practically revealed herself as his mother, Joseph was more concerned by her actual age.

Part III: Stardust Crusaders

In Stardust Crusaders, Joseph has considerably mellowed out, having lost much of his aggression and laziness. However, he is still irascible toward Japanese in general, due to Sado Kujo, a Japanese musician, marrying with his beloved daughter Holy. Despite this, Joseph is still nice to his grandson Jotaro and Jotaro's friend, Noriaki Kakyoin. His penchant for befriending people is still present, notably with the appearance of his new friend Mohammad Avdol, and his tendency to approach the locals first and communicate with them, overall being the one to deal business with them. For instance he takes it upon himself to order food in Hong Kong, gladly approaches an Indian barman to try sugar cane juice, tries to salute a hotel owner in Pakistan, as well as order shishkebab in Karachi.

Joseph is much more responsible than in Battle Tendency, being more proactive in his quest to Egypt, and also sometimes reminding his younger companions of their goals when they are distracted. Years of peace and the appearance of the much stranger Stands means that Joseph lost some of his talents at outsmarting enemies, and is often the victim of the Stands he encounters. However, Joseph hasn't lost all of his skills and is capable of outsmarting enemies, having successfully cheated against Telence D'Arby, and figuring out The World time stop's limits. Upon his "death", Joseph gave one final advice to Jotaro, saying that he had much fun during their journey.

Joseph's goofy side is also still present, and Joseph's somewhat frequent failures at blending with the local culture and his struggle at battling Stands are a constant source of humor. Moreover, his boastful nature leads him to occasional goofs, such as misreading Chinese so much he orders dishes completely different from what he figured, or pretending to know how to ride camels only to ridicule himself. At the end of the saga, he demonstrates again his love for pranks, briefly making Jotaro believe that he was DIO resurrected upon being saved via a transfusion.

Part IV: Diamond is Unbreakable

In Diamond is Unbreakable, his advancing age has weakened his mind and he appears to have become somewhat senile. Joseph is now a pacified and even weak-willed man, even sadly accepting Josuke's demand that he not interact with Josuke's mother. Despite this, Joseph is still a well-meaning old man who is willing to risk his life for others and is nice enough to offer some advice to Yukako about her crush. Living in Morioh seems to have done him good, and at the end of the part, Joseph is more lively and happier, expressing confidence in the youth of Morioh at protecting the small town.


Part II: Battle Tendency

19 years old, Joseph is tall (195 cm/6'5") and powerfully built, with light eyes. He has dark and unkempt hair, parts of his bangs shooting outwards in spikes, apart from which he closely resembles his grandfather Jonathan Joestar(Known as DIO in part 3).

Joseph's primary outfit is relatively minimal and pragmatic. He wears a tank top cut above the navel, gloves studded at the knuckles, fitting pants with a leather belt, and knee-high leather boots. In Switzerland he dons a long, broad, striped scarf; and later, as a gift from Caesar, a long, thin headband patterned with a row of tessellated triangles.

Initially he wears a white collared shirt with tie and suspenders, and a greatcoat chequered across the shoulders. Other articles include an aviator's hat (as motorcycle gear), a knit cap, and a breathing mask designed for Ripple training.

Later depictions of Joseph include the aviator hat and goggles, both of which were permanently added to differentiate him from Jonathan and compliment the overall 'mechanical feel' brought about by the various planes and motorcycles present in Part 2.

Part III: Stardust Crusaders

At 67, Joseph retains most of his health and muscularity, though his face displays his age (due in part to having neglected his Ripple training). His hair is trim and gray, and he sports a thick, gray, trimmed beard.

During the group's journey to Egypt, he wears a fedora; a light, short-sleeved, buttonless shirt; khaki pants (often compared to this extent to Indiana Jones' basic outfit); dress shoes; dark wristbands, and white gloves concealing a prosthetic left hand (a result of his fight with Kars). At his introduction he also wears a trench coat and sweater.

Part IV: Diamond is Unbreakable

At 79, Joseph has aged normally. While his stature is still apparent, he is hunched and uses a cane. He wears a diminutive pair of pince-nez spectacles, and a spotted, brimmed woolen hat with ear flaps reminiscent of an ushanka. He wears a thick trench coat, a collared shirt and tie, and baggy pants.


Joseph inherited Hamon abilities from his grandfather, Jonathan Joestar, as well as his mother Lisa Lisa. In addition, he uses techniques commonly present in stage magic to confuse his foes. After his Hamon training, he frequently combines his Hamon with other objects to perform complex and creative attacks. Later in Part III, he shows that he is able to pass the Hamon through his stand.

Hermit Purple manifests itself as a tangle of thorny vines, which Joseph can wield as both weapon and defense. Joseph develops the stand after Dio pierces Jonathan's body with the Arrow, upon which it responded to Dio and Enya awakening The World. The Hermit card primarily gives a meaning of solitude, introspective, or soul-searching, which could symbolise Joseph's lifelong journey. It also carries a more direct meaning of teaching or advising, which is Joseph's main role in Part III.


  • A running gag in the series is that every time Joseph has no other plan left and is cornered by his enemies, he would use a technique he calls his "final move" in which he runs away from the enemy, almost always comically yelling "NIGERUNDAYO" (which means "RUN AWAY"). He passed this technique to Jotaro, although the latter doesn't yell comically like his grandpa. Surprisingly, even Giorno is seems to use this technique.


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