Joshua "Josh" Nichols is one of the two main protagonists of Drake and Josh.(the other being Drake) a super-smart kid who's not exactly a risk taker. He appears in the television series Drake & Josh and is the stepbrother of Drake Parker.

He is portrayed by Josh Peck who also voiced Casey Jones in the 2012 series of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Josh's most common personality is his intelligence and willing to work being a straight A student, compared to Drake's laziness. However, he is also shown to be bad when it comes to social skills. He remarks to his brother Drake whenever he says something nonsensical. He is known to enunciate some of his words. Josh moved in with Drake when they were 15. He is obsessed with the The Oprah Winfrey Show and ran her over with his car by accident while he was going to the show for his birthday.

Unlike Drake, he usually stresses over school a lot and uses his common sense. Despite his good character and good grades, Josh is prone to bad luck, especially with girls, but even though Drake is usually more successful with girls, Josh gets 22 dates in a week to win a bet from Drake in the episode "Who's Got Game". He often has a bad habit when a person tells him to take care of something, when Josh questionably objects, the person tells him more firmly. Josh has a job at The Premiere movie theater, where he gets an average number of customers. He loves his job and has had hopes of becoming assistant manager. His hobbies are playing video games, cooking, and performing magic tricks. He usually suffers at the expense of Drake's carefree behavior, but the brothers somehow complete each other. He also had a perfect attendance record, but a blemish was put on that record due to him and Drake skipping school to spy on Walter in "The Affair". Unlike Drake, who is more fun and level headed, Josh is very stressed out and sometimes he is very arrogant and selfish sometimes. Josh is very clumsy and bad at explaining things when he gets in trouble.


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