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Hero Overview

Hey, you! What did you just say about my hair?!
~ Josuke Higashikata if his much-treasured pompadour is insulted.

Josuke Higashikata is the titular main protagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable and Crazy Diamond's Demonic Heartbreak.

Josuke is a high school freshman residing in the town of Morioh. He soon meets Jotaro Kujo, who informs him that he is Joseph Joestar's illegitimate son. He takes it upon himself to protect his town from villainous Stand users. Josuke wields the Stand known as Crazy Diamond.

In Japanese, Josuke was voiced by Wataru Hatano in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle, JoJo's Bizarre: Eyes of Heaven, and various Ultra Jump commercials, Yūki Ono in the anime and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Records, and Yō Taichi in the anime as a child. In English, Josuke was voiced by the late Billy Kametz normally and Maureen Price as a child. In the live-action movie adaptation of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable, he is portrayed by Kento Yamazaki.


Josuke is generally a docile, harmless, and a pacifist until someone insults his rockabilly/Elvis-pompadour hairstyle. Upon hearing the insult, Josuke loses all restraint and rationale and unleashes his feral and violent persona. While angry, Josuke may not fix things 100% perfectly and literally goes blind with rage.



Josuke was born in 1983 out of an affair. His parents are Joseph Joestar and Tomoko Higashikata, though Joseph would remain unaware of his son's existence until 1999. After DIO stabbed himself with the arrow and awakened stands within the Joestar family, Josuke began to grow sick as he was unable to handle a stand. He and his mother were stuck in a blizzard on their way to the hospital. However, they were saved by a man with a pompadour. Josuke inspired his hairstyle after this man and took offence whenever his hair got insulted.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable

Josuke's first appearance in the part was after Jotaro had asked Koichi for directions. At that time he was helping a tortoise return to a pond when he was confronted by a number of bullies. At first he complied to whatever they said, even when they threw the tortoise at the curb. This respectful demeanor however stopped in an instant upon having his hair insulted. Josuke used his stand, Crazy Diamond to punch one of the bullies, deforming his face and alerting Jotaro of the teenager's stand. The two decided to converse which is when Jotaro decided to explain that Josuke will be getting a part of Joseph's will along with a warning that there are a number of malevolent stand users living in Morioh.

On his way to school, Josuke unknowingly angered an enemy stand user, a murderer named Angelo who Jotaro was looking for. The enemy stand user began to observe the family before sending his stand to Josuke's house and was able to kill his grandfather which is when the teenager realized that his stand cannot bring back the dead. He and Jotaro decided to perform a stake-out in order to hunt down Angelo. A few days later, rain began to fall which trapped the two in the house which was leaking. After avoiding the enemy stand multiple times, Josuke was able to trick the enemy stand user and trapped the stand in a rubber glove.

The two proceeded to interrogate Angelo who revealed the existence of Keicho Nijimura as well as the origin of stands. However, the enemy stand user accidentally insulted Josuke's hair which resulted in him being transfixed and then fused into a rock. The next day, Josuke and Koichi decided to check out a house when the latter was suddenly jammed on the entrance gate by Okuyasu.

Keicho was able to use this advantage and fired the arrow at Koichi. Despite Okuyasu's efforts, Josuke was able to beat his opponent by letting him pull flower pots towards his face. Upon entering the house, Josuke was almost hit by Keicho's stand which misfired and hit Okuyasu who was trying to attack the teenager. Luckily, Josuke decides to heal him and explain the reason for doing so. As a response, he decides to help Josuke retrieve an unconscious Koichi before leaving his house.

Josuke and Koichi were suddenly attacked by Keicho's stand which was revealed to be an army of toy soldiers named Bad Company. Josuke wound up having to fight Keicho and was able to defeat him in the hand by reforming an exploded missile. As the two were leaving the house, they got to hear Keicho explain his backstory before Josuke decided to help his father. He got to witness Keicho immediately taken away by Red Hot Chili Pepper, an enemy stand. One day later, Okuyasu appeared in Josuke's doorstep, revealing that he was now going to his school.

Some time later he helped Koichi during his first encounter with Tamami. The scammer proved to be useful upon his defeat in the hands of Koichi and the two received information regarding an enemy stand user, a student named Hazamada. The two eventually stumbled upon on him and his stand which was able to control Josuke's movements. He and Koichi chased after the enemy stand user before healing a pair of men who were previously beaten up by Hazamada to defeat him. A few days later, he decided to help Koichi with dealing with Yukako Yamagishi who was obsessed with him. Josuke and Okuyasu decide that the best way to ward her away is to slander him. This backfires and the two teenagers wound up having to look for Koichi who was kidnapped.

Another time he joined Okuyasu on his visit to a new Italian restaurant that had just opened. Despite the owner's strange behavior, they still decide to order some food. This resulted in a variety of horrific effects on happening to Okuyasu, effects which healed immediately. Josuke began to grow suspicious and decided to restore a plate of spaghetti to its previous form, revealing a stand. He quickly entered the kitchen, discovering that Tonio made some food which caused intestines to explode out of abdomens. The misunderstanding was soon cleared once Josuke figured out the true nature of the chef's stand and he was later forced to clean the kitchen for entering the kitchen without proper clothing.

He is with the group during the hunt for Red Hot Chili Pepper. After Okuyasu was dragged into a power line, Josuke was able to drag him out by restoring him towards his severed hand. He later joins Koichi and was tasked with guarding the docks where Red Hot Chili Pepper's stand user appeared. Josuke was able to beat the enemy stand user and the team succeeded. Josuke however was stuck with his father and the 2 soon found an invisible baby which they wound up having to protect from various threats. However, Josuke lost a large portion of his money due to Joseph spending it on baby products. Some time later, he and Okuyasu decided to investigate the house of Rohan Kishibe upon noticing their friend Koichi's strange behavior. Josuke was soon cornered by the mangaka and was forced to charge at him blindly. Rohan however made the mistake of insulting the teenager's hair which allowed him to beat the mangaka into submission. A few days later, he and Jotaro decided to hunt down 2 rats with stands. Josuke was able to kill the first one on his own but the second one proved to be difficult to catch. Jotaro wound up having to use himself as bait which soon allowed Josuke to get a clear shot on the rat.

While Josuke was short on cash, He decided to ask Okuyasu for some help. The two befriended a short stand user named Shigechi and his stand Harvest. While examining the many objects Harvest collected, Okuyasu discovers a lottery ticket which had won one of the prizes. This ends badly when Shigechi steals the ticket and attempts to run off, ending up on a roof which the teenagers were able to climb. Upon arriving however, they were incapacitated by Harvest. Okuyasu however was able to use his stand to swipe the ticket right out of Shigechi's hands, allowing Josuke to trick him into calling off his stand. In the end, the 3 were able to split the money with minimum quarreling.

They eventually discover the serial killer in Morioh. After getting the distress call from Koichi, Josuke arrived at the scene and healed the two before recognizing Yoshikage Kira as the serial killer. He and Okuyasu chased after him, only for him to escape and change his face. Some time later, Josuke joins the main cast while they were looking for information regarding a serial killer. They entered a house, only to be locked in by a stand. Luckily Jotaro was able to counter the enemy stand and they were able to exit the house.

Some time later, he and Okuyasu discovered a teenager who appeared to be an alien. Josuke decided to use him to gamble against Rohan. Multiple defeats irritated the mangaka greatly to the point that he forgot that his house had burned. Josuke was able to escape and later investigate a transmission tower which turned out to be an enemy stand which soon traps him. He and Okuyasu decide to attack it and the two learned that it could reflect damage. Luckily, the alien was able to help and with their combined effort, Josuke was able to defeat and escape the enemy stand user.

Some time later while walking through a tunnel, Josuke found Rohan being drained by an enemy stand. After a long pursuit and some help from Koichi, Josuke was able to track down the enemy stand user and beat him up. Later, he enlists the help of that same user whose name is Yuya Fungami to help find Koichi who had been kidnapped by Terunosuke Miyamoto. Unfortunately, Josuke was captured by the kidnapper, leaving Yuya on his own. He was able to beat the kidnapper before Josuke finished the job, turning Terunosuke into a book.

Before the final battle, Hayato was able to call Josuke who came to the intersection with Okuyasu. This allowed the 2 to discover Kira without activating Bites the Dust. After a lengthy stand fight, Kira decided to reveal his secret weapon, explosive air bubbles created by Stray Cat. Okuyasu was blown up by the bubble, forcing Josuke and Hayato to retreat. The teenager quickly realized how he was being followed and grabbed a photo containing Kira's father from Hayato's jacket. Josuke tricked Kira into killing his own father before taking him on.

The teenager was unfortunately wounded in the fight and came close to dying as an explosive air bubble approached him, until Okuyasu used his stand to erase the air bubble and rip Stray Cat out of Killer Queen. After Kira's death, Josuke appears when Reimi ascends to heaven and later joins Jotaro and Joseph to say his goodbyes. Before he left however, he used his stand to steal Joseph's wallet.

Powers and Abilities

Crazy Diamond

Did you forget that my Stand can restore broken objects to their original form? If you forgot, you'd better write this down!
~ Josuke to Keicho Nijimura on Crazy Diamond.

Using Crazy Diamond, Josuke has the ability to restore any object or person it hits. However, it can not revive the dead, Josuke can't heal himself, and objects that aren't broken so infections.


  • According to Araki, as of an interview held around the time of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run, Josuke is his favorite "JoJo". He explains that because of the general everyday neighborhood setting of his part, he felt more attached to Josuke, and considered him somewhat like a friend or a senior. In contrast, Jotaro was "more of someone you would admire as a hero".
  • Josuke is the JoJo with the smallest killing spree, with only killing Bug-Eaten and Yoshihiro Kira, the latter also being an indirect kill.
    • Despite this, Josuke does, however, tap into the "fate worse than death" strategy against Anjuro Katagiri and Terunosuke Miyamoto, damning them to be confined to an object for the rest of time, unable to do anything by lament on their current situation.

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