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Josuke Higashikata is the main protagonist of Diamond is Unbreakable.

Josuke is a high school freshman residing in the town of Morioh Morioh. Part IV begins as Jotaro Kujo searches for him on behalf of Joseph Joestar, his aging, absent father.

He was voiced by Wataru Hatano, later Yuuki Ono in Japanese Version and Billy Kametz who also voices Hakuno Kishinami and Metal Lee in English Version.


Josuke apparently developed his stand off-screen in the events of Part III, when Jotaro Kujo and company traveled to Egypt to kill Dio Brando. As a result of Dio being pierced by the stand-creating Arrow Josuke, possessing Joestar Bloodline that runs in Jonathan's body, develops a stand, but suffers a fever not unlike that of his half-sister Holly. He is then saved by a then-high school student with a pompadour, who throws his coat under his mother's car in order to allow their car to plow safely through the snow. This then inspires Josuke's admiration for the man with the pompadour which led him to make his signature one.

Josuke is generally a docile, harmless and a pacifist... Until someone insults his pompadour hairstyle. Upon hearing the insult, Josuke loses all restraint and rationale and unleashes his feral and violent persona.



  • According to Araki, as of Steel Ball Run, Josuke is his favorite "JoJo". He explains that because of the general everyday neighborhood setting of Part 4, he felt more attached to Josuke, and considered him somewhat like a friend or a senior. In contrast, Jotaro was "more of someone you would admire as a hero".
  • Josuke is the JoJo with the smallest killing spree, with only killing Angelo, Bug-Eaten and Yoshihiro Kira (indirectly).

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