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There's something different in all of us, and nothing-- not a spell, big gloves, nothing-- can change that or take it away. We're all still mutants.
~ Jubilee.
We can do anything. We can be anyone. That's the definition of being alive. That's magic. Race you to the bottom!
~ Jubilee to X-23.

Jubilation "Jubilee" Lee is a fictional character and superheroine from the Marvel Comics, and is associated with the X-Men franchise, and appears as the main protagonist in her titular comics.

A mutant, Jubilee had the superhuman power to generate "sparkles" out of her hands, consisting of explosive plasma. A teenage "mall rat," she was the X-Men's youngest member in the early 1990s, often playing sidekick to Wolverine. She eventually joined the junior team Generation X. Jubilee is one of the depowered mutant characters who later reappeared using technology-based powers in the New Warriors comic series. She has since been turned into a vampire by Dracula's son where she gained vampire-like powers also making her one of his progeny, offspring.

She was a prominent character in the 1990s-era X-Men animated series. In late 2004, Marvel launched a self-titled series for Jubilee set in Los Angeles, written by Robert Kirkman and covers by Casey Jones; it was canceled after six issues. She also has cameo appearances in four X-Men films; she is portrayed by Katrina Florence in X-Men (2000), Kea Wong in X2: X-Men United and X-Men: The Last Stand, and by Lana Condor in X-Men: Apocalypse.

She was created by Chris Claremont and Marc Silvestri, and first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #244 in May of 1989.



Jubilee is a young American girl who was the daughter of two Chinese immigrants shee was born in Beverly Hills, California. She spent most of her time at the mall instead of her home before Jubilation got her powers she trained to become a gymnasts she almost joined the Olympic games until her parents were murdered.

After the death of her parents Jubilee spent her life in and out of orphanages and foster homes until ran away and moved into the mall which was like a second home to her. With no family or money Jubilation used her powers and gymnastics to to steal and preform tricks for money. Even though she had almost nothing Jubilee still keep her high-spirits she had when she lived with her parents.

Jubilee had gotten into a lot of trouble with the mall security many times. But when they finally almost caught her she was lucky the X-Men spotted her while they were shopping Jubilee decided to join them she found a new home and a new family. Joining the X-Men didn't change her she was still the same energetic, rebellious girl before she met them.

Joining the team Jubilation used her nickname her parents and friends always called her Jubilee a her superhero name. She also likes to wear her favorite outfit almost every time in a battle with a supervillain or on a regular day. Like a few other students at the school Jubilee formed a close bond with Wolverine just like Shadowcat and Rouge who think of him as a father figure. Being apart of of the X-Men Jubilee got to experience amazing adventures that normal teens dreamed of having.

A lot of times Jubilee has managed to look on the bright side of almost everything even after she lost her powers and became a vampire. She has never let anything change her and has still stady the clumsy, peppy, playful, fun-loving, caring, witty girl that she has always been.


Early Life

Jubilation "Jubilee" Lee was born in Beverly Hills, California to Zhan and Jingyi Lee, and grew up in a loving family while also attending an exlusive school. One day while at the mall, Jubilee was chased by security and discovered her mutant powers, which allowed her to evade security and escape. She learned that her powers was to generate energy similar to a firecracker, allowing her to blind or discombobulate her targets. Following this, Jubilee became an orphan after her parents were killed in a car accident, but she would escape from the orphanage and started hide in the mall.

The X-Men

Security would call the M-Squad to deal with Jubilee's previous antics, but Lee was saved by X-Men members Storm, Dazzler and Psylocke. When the trio left the mall via a portal, Jubilee went through and discovered them living in a temporary base in Australia, and started to secretly hide there despite the mutant Gateway knowing of her presence. The X-Men would leave the base as the Reavers started to establish themselves there, and Jubilee discovered Wolverine hanged on a cross left to die. After nursing him back to health, Jubilee and Wolverine traveled to Hong Kong where they fought against the Hand. Once they dealt with the Hand, Jubilee returned to the United States with Wolverine and Psylocke (whom was previously brainwashed by the Mandarin) and became a member of the X-Men, but her teammates often worried of putting her in danger.

Despite her age, Jubilee proved herself to be a useful member of the team after dealing with Omega Red, the Brood and the Skrulls, and developed a father-daughter like relationship with Wolverine. During her stay at the X-Mansion, Jubilee became friends with Illyana Rasputina and Kitty Pryde, and mourned Illyana's passing alongside her brother Piotr.

Physical Appearance


Jubilee is a beautiful young mutant with short black hair and brown eyes.

* * *

Height: 152 – 165 cm (5' – 5' 5")

Weight: 45 – 57 kg (100 – 125lb)

Build: Athletic

Hair: Black

Eyes: Dark Brown

Age: 13 (The Uncanny X-men #244), 16 (Generation X #68), 17 (Jubilee #1)


* * *


Jubilee is a spunky, happy, energetic, bubbly, joyful, upbeat, cheerful, over-confident character. She is anxious to be apart of the action and will often get herself into trouble trying to prove her worth. Even though she works hard to try and prove herself she also likes to goof off have fun, clown around and be mischievous.

Her determination and strong spirit helped became great at gymnastics when she lived with her parents. She may get in to mischief for fun but Jubilee is as good girl honorable, determined, friendly and loyal. And despite the fact that she likes to joke around she has shown when she puts her mind to it she can do while with out messing up.

She likes action, adventure, shopping, gymnastics, spending time at the mall, playing, hang out with friends and doesn't like to stay still. Jubilee likes fighting bad guys and doesn't like friends or good people fighting each. Though Jubilee is a kind and caring young girl who never let's her spirit get dampened she isn't pleased when she has to do something that she thinks is boring and gets to miss out on anything fun.

Powers and Abilities


Athletics and Gymnastics

Despite her young age Jubilee is in top physical condition. Before gaining her mutant powers Jubilee was a gifted athlete and a skilled gymnast. After gaining her powers and becoming an X-man she has continued to hone her athletic and gymnastic skills. As a result Jubilee is extremely flexible, agile, fast, strong and durable.

  • Gymnastics: Jubilee had qualified for the Olympic Games before her parents were murdered. IN the X-men her skill has improved considerably.
  • Swimming: Jubilee is a reasonable good swimmer.
  • In-line Skating: She's a superb rollerblader and excels at aggressive inline skating, or blading. Using the roller blades in combat allows her to move around quickly.
  • Acrobatics, Leaping, Jumping: Jubilee's acrobatic stunts during combat are nearly on a superhuman level.

Combat Skills

  • Hand to Hand Combat: Before joining the X-Men Jubilee had some knowledge of unarmed combat. In the X-men she has received rigorous fighting training most notably from Wolverine, her favorite mentor.
  • Athletic Combat: Jubilee's utilizes her natural athletic ability in combat and her fighting style is a mixture of gymnastics and martial arts. She's fast and agile and a master at dodging and evading incoming attacks.
  • Swordsmanship: Jubilee is good with the sword having received training from both Wolverine and Raizo Kado (a vampire samurai).

Vehicle Skills

  • Jubilee has been shown driving motorcycles with great skill, piloting boats and the Xmen's Blackbird plane.

Thief Skills

  • Before meeting the X-Men Jubilee lived on her own and to make ends meet became a talented thief. Using her quickness and manual dexterity Jubilee learned to pick locks and pick pockets. Avoiding getting caught made her a great at stealth.

Other Skills

  • Leadership: Jubilee is not just a pretty face, also an able leader
  • Languages: English and Shi'ar.
  • First Aid: Jubilee is experienced in first aid and can, among other things, perform CPR.
  • Mechanics & Electronics: Jubilee has some understanding of mechanics and electronics.
  • Artist: Drawing

Mutant Powers

  • Fireworks (Pyrokinesis): also called ''Pyrotechnic Energy Plasmoids'', ''Energy Plasmoids'' and ''Lumikinetic Explosive Light Blasts''.
  • Psionic Shields

Wondra Powersuit

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Force Field
  • Flight
  • Intangibility - 'Ghost Mode'

Vampire Powers

At one point, after losing her mutant powers due to M-Day Jubilee became a vampire gaining all the powers and weaknesses of said creatures. These powers included:

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Speed: Jubilee was able to run and move with superhuman speed.
  • Immortality: As an undead Jubilee did not have to worry about dying a natural death. An unnatural death was a different matter and things like a wooden stake through her heart, a beheading and prolonged exposure to sunlight would have killed her.
  • Superhuman Agility: Jubilee's already impressive natural agility was enhanced to superhuman levels.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: She became even quicker than before.
  • Superhuman Senses: All of her senses, including sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste, were improved to superhuman levels. She also gained night vision, allowing her to see in darkness.
  • Superhuman Durability: Jubilee's body became tougher an more resistant tp physical injury.
  • Superhuman Stamina & Endurance: Jubilee's body became more resistant to the fatigue toxins generated by her muscles during physical activity.
  • Healing Factor: Like other vampires, Jubilee was able to regenerate wounds.
  • Animal Control: Jubilee was able to control a pack of wolves.
  • Mist Form: Jubilee had the ability to turn into a mist and thus becoming intangible.
  • Telepthy (limited): Jubilee had a limited telepathioc ability and could see a person past by tasting their blood.
  • Hypnosis: Jubilee could place people into a trance allowing her to bite them more easily.
  • Infectious Bite: Her bite could turn other people into vampires. Her fangs certinly helped.
  • Fangs and Claws: Jubilee's canines grew into fangs and her nails into sharp claws.
  • Limited Sunlight Exposure: Because of Wolverine's healing factor in her blood Jubilee could spend a longer in the sun than most vampires.

Former Vampire related weaknesses:

  • Silver Allergy: Jubilee's might have had a vulnerability to silver.
  • Garlic Allergy: Jubilee's vampirism made her sensitive to the smell of garlic.
  • Vulnerability to Sunlight: Thanks to a treatment using Wolverine's blood, sunlight did not kill or harm Jubilee. Direct, intense sunlight did harm her however.
  • Blood Craving: Like all vampires Jubilee required blood to survive.

Disadvantages & Weaknesses

  • Jubilee suffers from dyscalculia that results in difficulty learning or comprehending arithmetics.


I can't believe what I'm hearing. When I was with the X-Men, Professor Xavier taught us the only thing worse than failing is not even trying.
~ Jubilee
Thank you Professor Xavier. For known' when to hold... and when t'let go.
~ Jubilee
Someone want to cover those windows? I hear it's a nightmare trying to get the smell of toasted X-Man out of the upholstery
~ Jubilee
I've decided you're a chip hogger -- I must save them from your evil ways!
~ Jubilee stealing a bag of chips from a friend
Hey, Dr. McCoy. Can I make a star trek joke?
~ Jubilee
You guy sure about this?
~ Jubilee in X-Men: Evolution when the students are thinking about flying the X-Jet
Hey guys check this out.
~ Jubilee showing off her powers
Show off! I was just about to do that!
~ Jubilee
So it'll be us versus a Sentinel? Cool.
~ Jubilee
Really? Cool.
~ Jubilee after Wolverine speaks to her angrily worrying that she was dead
Dude, ever heard of the words, 'mouth-wash?
~ Jubilee joking
Happy days, camper. Jubilee's home, safe an' sound.
~ Jubilee
I can't believe what I am hearing. When I was with the X-Men, Professor Xavier taught us the only thing worse than failing is never trying.
~ Jubilee
Yeah, a quarter.
~ Jubilee joking after arcade manger ask her if she knows how the destroyed arcade game cost
I hope you're just mall security.
~ Jubilee joking after a Sentinel
Get away from him I mean it.
~ Jubilee protect Gambit
They we're fighting and I wanted to help him.
~ Jubilee in the animated series after seeing Wolverine and Gambit training
At least your name makes sense. My name's Jubilee I below stuff up.
~ Jubilee to Storm after hearing her superhero name
Look at your wrist. Will you stay calm while I fix it up? Okay here let me take care of it.
~ Jubilee trying to help Sabretooth
So you want an Oscar or what?
~ Jubilee joking after Sabretooth says he was faking about changing his villainous behavior
I hope I brought the right clothes? I have never been a resort before.
~ Jubilee in X-Men the animated series
I am to slick.
~ Jubilee after getting out of her cell in the animated series
This girl I knew in the orphanage taught me how to pick locks.
~ Jubilee
I hope I find him first me and Wolverine cam take on anything.
~ Jubilee looking for Wolverine in the X-Men animated series
The rest is in the ally sorry I can't explain got to run.
~ Jubilee returning stolen money to the bank
Oh gosh this is bad way to get in over your head again Jubes.
~ Jubilee talking to herself
This is about being there for your team when there in trouble.
~ Jubilee
More like "Half Cocked" if you ask me. These guys like to shoot first ask questions never.
~ Jubilee
Hey! I had it under control!
~ Jubilee after she is saved again
I'm just getting warmed...
~ Jubilee

Family Tree

  • Unknown Parents - Jubilee's mom and dad were Chinese immigrants who came over to America who are now deceased. Their daughter was born in America making her an legal U.S.A. citizen.
  • Shoo Lee - Jubilee's legally adopted son.
  • Xarus - Son of Dracula and the vampire who turned Jubilee into a vampire. Which turned her into his progeny offspring.
  • Dracula - His son Xarus turned Jubilee into a vampire making her his progeny. Because of Xarus Jubilee is now connected and tied to Dracula's family tree.

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