Mr. Red, there seems to be a recurring issue here: anger.
~ Judge Peckinpah to Red

The Honourable Judge Peckinpah is an anti-hero turned supporting character in The Angry Birds Movie. He is also an owl who is standing on another bird name Cyrus to hide his true size.

He is voiced by Keegan-Michael Key in the English version of the movie, and Roberto Stocchi in the Italian version of the movie.


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Judge Peckinpah is an extremely arrogant, biased, pompous, and unjust judge who loves the sound of his own voice, holding court even when he's not actually in court and sending birds to the anger management classes at the Infinity Acceptance Group (Matilda's House). He can be seen strutting around Bird Island like he owns the place. He is so small that underneath his robes, he stands on the shoulders another bird, Cyrus. But every bird knows the truth, so he's not fooling any of the citizens. He only believes he's the one with a higher calling one that requires a higher perch on Cyrus' shoulders. He is first bad. But at the end, he reformed and helped Red get the eggs back.


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