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Judge Spear in introduction of arcade port.

Judge Spear is a protagonist ship that debuts in Viper Phase 1, along with Blue Javelin, a blue counterpart version of itself. It is a spin-off version of the Raiden Mk. II. As a ship of player no. 1, it goes through the stars fighting a different race of deranged aliens, which ends up with this going through a time zone, ending up fighting the aliens approx from 1,000,000 years ago. Judge Spear's name was never mentioned in Viper Phase 1, but during it's debut in Raiden Fighters, it earned the name Judge Spear for it's good firepower and excellent speed. It's bomb attack as seen in Viper Phase 1 also returns as the standard bomb weapon for the Judge Spear. Judge Spear appears as a selectable fighter in Xeno Fighters EX, whose strength his superior and speed is faster compared to that of the Raiden mk-II, retaining it's Napalm Missiles and Vulcan.In gameplay however, Its powers are slightly more powerful versions of the Raiden Mk. II's Vulcan firepower, but can obtain Lasers, Missiles, and Napalm missiles, and also a somewhat souped-up version of the Raiden MK. II's bomb attack.


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