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It's OK. We barely even knew our parents. They were always away. Skiing, gambling in Monte Carlo, on safari in darkest Africa. We didn't even know if they loved us. But when the Sheik's yacht went down, they managed to write us a really beautiful goodbye note that was found floating in a champagne bottle amongst the debris. [starts to cry] Excuse me.
~ Judy Shepherd as she mourns over the loss of her parents.
The instructions say if we finish the game, it'll all go away.
~ Judy Shepherd telling Peter that everything will only be reversed if she and Peter finish playing Jumanji.

Judy Shepherd is one of the two tritagonists of the 1995 fantasy film, Jumanji, the other being her brother, Peter Shepherd.

She was portrayed by Kirsten Dunst, who later played Christy Fimple in Small Soldiers and Mary Jane Watson from the Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy.


Judy was first seen with her younger brother, Peter while moving into Alan's empty house with their Aunt Nora following the loss of her parents, who recently died in a skiing accident. She and Peter discover "Jumanji" in the attic and decides to play it.

Judy and Peter see Mosquitoes in the attic and Monkeys in the kitchen. She learns that everything can only be reversed if she and Peter finish the game. She meets Alan Parrish after she and Peter release Alan and a lion out of the game. She and Peter allowed Sarah Whittle to continue playing the game as vines appear, including, Van Pelt.

Judy, Peter and Sarah battled Van Pelt before Alan arrives after Peter transforms into a monkey while trying to cheat while Alan is being taken away by a police officer (his old friend, Carl Bentley from his dad's shoe factory) she was attacked by a poisonous barb and Peter saves her, but tragically she passes away in Peter's arms as her fate is sealed by the dice's winning roll.

By the end of the film, Judy is fully resurrected from her death with her parents and Peter meeting Alan and Sarah for the first time. Alan and Sarah convince Judy and Peter's parents to cancel their skiing holiday in Canada and start their work for the shoe factory, thus; preventing their deaths in the previous timeline as well as Judy's.



  • Before Kirsten Dunst was cast, Scarlett Johansson originally auditioned for the role of Judy Shepherd.
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