Juju is Mama Odie's pet snake from Disney's 2009 film The Princess and the Frog.


Very loyal and highly affectionate, Juju is Mama Odie's closest companion, acting as her eyes throughout their hidden home. And although Juju acts as Mama Odie's personal little assistant, he is also treated as her very own child, much like the stereotype that the elderly treat their pets as their own children.

Role in the film

Juju first appears in the film right after Mama Odie rescues Tiana and her friends from a pack of shadow demons. Juju is called by Mama Odie and shows his affections for her. It is shown she treats him like a baby. Juju is also shown during the scene to assist Mama Odie as her cane and guide through the tree due to her blindness. During the song "Dig a Little Deeper," Juju is turned into a dog, a pig, a cow and a goat before returning to his original form. Juju appears at Tiana and Naveen's marriage and celebrates alongside Mama Odie and the bayou animals.


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