Yes, I am a woman—the daughter of Mademoiselle Marie!
~ Julia Remarque.
I didn't work for him long, but I came to understand was... he never cared about what Batman meant. I mean he did, but not the way you do. Batman was simply him. His code. He just did what he thought was right, and what Batman stood for grew out of that. You worry about Batman meaning something to people, you'll go down fast. But if you stop and just be you, Jim... if you do it your way, the things you believe in, the things you stand for? Batman will stand for those, too.
~ Julia Pennyworth to Commissioner Gordon.

Julia Pennyworth is a fictional character from DC comics and its universe, and has appeared on different earths from the Batman comics. On Earth-One, she is the the daughter of Alfred Pennyworth and French Resistance Fighter Mademoiselle Marie, and is the love-interest of Batman. In the New 52 and DC Rebirth, Julia is an secret agent and ally of the Batman Family, mostly assisting Batman's ally Batwoman.

She was created by Gerry Conway and Don Newton, and first appeared in Detective Comics #501 in April of 1981.


Earth One

On Earth One, Julia Remarque is the daughter of Alfred Pennyworth and Mademoiselle Marie, but she was raised by her mother and Jacques Remarque. When her mother was shot after an attack, Julia assumed that "Alfred" was the killer since it was the last thing herm other said, and she wanted to avenge Marie's death. Though she attempted to kill Alfred, Batman stopped her and found the real killer, and later learned that Alfred was her biological father. Once learning of this, Julia joined Alfred in Gotham City, and helped him investigate and stop Deadshot and his organization. While working for Vicki Vale, Julia became romantically interested in Batman, and later attempted to begin a relationship with him in his normal persona, Bruce Wayne.

New 52

Julia was raised by her mother's friend Jacques Remarque due to her mother's dangerous occupation. In the New 52, Julia is a Special Reconnaissance Regiment member and first appears in Hong Kong. Julia was not pleased at Batman's presence in the city and that Batman might sabotage everything she planned to stop a crime lord known as Shen Fang. Despite Batman trying to get her to stand down and work with him, she refused which gave Shen the opportunity to stab her with a katana. Bruce took her back to Gotham and realized she was Alfred's daughter and not a stray like Alfred suspected. Julia looks at Alfred in disgust for being a servant to a spoiled billionaire and for leaving her alone, but later helps the Batman Family when Alfred was injured by Hush.

DC Rebirth

In the DC Rebirth, Julia is an ally of Batwoman, and helps her investigate the terrorist organization, the Many Arms of Death.

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