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Julietta is a minor protagonist from the game, Dragalia Lost. She is a member of the Ilian church of the south.

She was voiced by Ai Kayano in the Japanese version, and by Kelly Davidson in the English version.


Julietta has brown hair and blue eyes. Her regular attire consists of an orange midriff baring shirt and skirt.

Her summer attire consists of a white swimsuit with a hibiscus on her head.



A holy knight with the power to slay a hundred men—yet who cries at the drop of a hat. Raised in wealth, she often comes off as snobby, which pushes her away from others. She tends to get terrible stomachaches when nervous.


Julietta has hit the sand in a swimsuit that matches her elegant aura, and she's now taking the beach by storm. Though many a gaze is focused on her, the only one she's concerned about belongs to...Elisanne?


When Julietta joined the Paladyns of the church, she became infactuated with Elisanne. Upon hearing about the halidom and that Elly was there, Julietta made her way there as well. On her way, she is attacked by fiends. She is found by Prince Euden and Ranzal who invite her to the Halidom. There, Julietta meets face-to-face with Elisanne.

Turns out Elisanne recognized her as an outstanding Paladyn that really stood out, and she says Julietta has a bright future. Julietta is both thrilled and embarrassed to be recognised by Elisanne. However, she feels the need to prove herself, so she takes on a hoard of fiends alone.

The fiends overwhelm her, but she is saved by the rest of the party who arrive to help her out of concern. The party acknowledges Julietta's bravery and let her know that they will be around to aid her just as much as she aids them. Elisanne even tells her that Julietta is already an excellent Paladyn and hopes to have Julietta by her side, causing Julietta to blush.


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