Julius Belmont
Julius Belmont is one of the heroes of Castlevania Aria Of Sorrow and Dawn Of Sorrow. He is an Legendary Vampire Hunter who Destroyed Dracula for good in 1999.

Aria Of Sorrow

Julius is around 56 years old with amnesia and don't remember much of himself and is trapped in Dracula`s castle wich is in an eclipse (Possibly gotting stuck there after Dracula`s Final Demise).However after Soma progressed through the game,Julius got back his memories.

Discovering Soma being Dracula`s reincarnation

Julius decides to fight Soma despite it hurts him for being a friend with him since they met.However despite the fact that Julius Belmont in the boss battle is hard and challenging,Julius took easy on Soma Cruz and held back.Julius keeps the promise to Soma Cruz that if Soma Would fail,Julius would have permission to kill him

Dawn Of Sorrow



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