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Jun, Noble Three, as a sniper, his skills are unmatched
~ Dr. Halsey describing Jun

Jun-A266, known simply as Jun, is a member of Noble Team in the Halo franchise, more specifically, a supporting character in Halo: Reach. As one of the SPARTAN-III members of Noble Team (except for Jorge), he fought hard to save the planet Reach from being glassed by the alien collective known as The Covenant. His call sign is Noble Three.


Just like any Spartan in Halo, he is most often seen wearing his armor, which for him is a SPARTAN-III Mjolnir Mark V armor, catered specifically to his role as a sniper. His armor's primary color is green and secondary color is grey. He commonly wears a rag of cloth around his neck. His left arm has a blue band with heavy ammo attached to it, while his right arm has what appears to be a sheathed knife, and also a painted blue line in between two thin white lines. On his back rests a backpack that carries a sniper and other unknown utilities.

Outside of his armor, he is a 6'11" man with a shaved head and blue eyes. His hair color was likely brown, because that is the color of his eyebrows. On the left side of his face he has a tattoo of a fist clutching three arrows, a symbol of marksmanship. As head recruiter of the next-gen SPARTAN-IV program that shows action in Halo 5: Guardians, he wears a black business attire.


Jun and other SPARTANs share the same abilities, but what sets them apart is how they use them and what skills they independently develop. For Jun, his skill is sniping, and his supersoldier augmentations only makes him better at it. He is commemorated for being a master sniper, and even in training within the SPARTAN-III program as a child, he showed above-average skill in marksmanship. Now, he uses his talent to assist the UNSC. He is sidearmed with a M6G Magnum (the pistol from Halo: Reach) and is capable of using a typical UNSC Assault Rifle. Dr. Halsey, an important figure in the UNSC, stated that his skills were unmatched.


Jun has a very stoic, rock solid personality. Under pressure he remains calm and serious, though he is much less serious than other Spartans such as John-117 who almost appears emotionless. In fact, Jun talks more often than his peers, which is generally not normal for a Spartan. All Spartans talk when working together, but Jun seems to talk more often, not saying curt things.

Despite being relaxed, he is still very serious and not a kind soul like other supersoldier Captain America. He is unmerciful and unremorseful, as well as possibly having PTSD. He takes all of his assignments very seriously.


Jun was an orphan found by the UNSC army and sent into the SPARTAN-III program to become a member of the third generation of Spartans. He went through intense physical training and even more intense physical training in order to be augmented with SPARTAN-III armor. At the end of his training, he showed a talent in sniping and graduated at the age of twelve.

Shortly after his military career began, he became a Headhunter, a behind-the-scenes action organization, very similar to Blackwatch from Overwatch, but before they turned evil. He had meritorious skill thanks to his marksmanship, so he earned many honors in the UNSC before eventually becoming one of the six original members of Noble Team. Sometime before the events of Halo: Reach, Noble Six, Thom-A293 was killed. He was later replaced by SPARTAN-B312, who gamers and Halo fans know as Noble Six. Jun was Noble Three. Six joined their group in order for Noble Team to start their operation to protect Reach from the Covenant.

He was the only one to survive the Fall of Reach, and later became a trainer and recruiter of the SPARTAN-IV program, still loyal to the UNSC.


  • An Xbox 360 Avatar Award of Jun's helmet is rewarded for killing 100 enemies in a row without dying in campaign or firefight.


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