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Jun Watari is part of the Sky Team of Rescue Fire as Fire-5 along with his comrade, Tsubasa Aoi (Fire-4), His suit's color is sky blue.

Days in America

Jun and Tsubasa were studying in America. During one of his breaks, Jun saw Resue Diver fly by and was inspired to do big things in helping people by joining UFDA's Rescue Fire.

Rescue Fire

Jun has been assigned as Fire-5 and was given the vehicle, Heli Falcon. He and his partner preformed their first rescue against Icutteren at sea.

The Sky Team was then introduced to the rest of Rescue Fire by Captain Taiga: Tatsuya Homura (Fire-1), Yuma Megumi (Fire-2) and Ritsuka Yuki (Fire-3). At first, like Tsubasa, Jun couldn't see why Tatsuya is Fire-1 as he is unprofessional than his teamates and he keeps smiling.

At one time, Jun openly told Tatsuya that he wanted to pilot Jet Falcon in order to be able to recognized, not just as small and "cute". Before going on Jun said to him, "Se-m-p-ai", much to Tatsuya's delight. When Sakaen launched NatsukazeEn, the summer cold virus Fire Majin, Jun, Tsubasa, and Tatsuya were sent to investigate the infected area while the rest of Rescue Fire creates a vaccine. The vaccine was ready but needed to make sure if it was safe. Jun saw Tatsuya breath in Natsukazeen so the medicine could be tested on him. Jun stayed with him while the medicine was being tested on. After reported that Tatsuya's fever went down, Jun visited him and asked why he did such a reckless thing. Tatsuya explained that even though he was not porfessional, he did what he could do.

To cure of the virus, the Sky Team are to spray the vaccine over the city. And some spaces will be tight, so Heli Falcon can reach those spots. Jun saw this as an opportunuity to show what he and Heli Falcon can do, After getting rid of the virus, Fire-5 and Heli Falcon destroyed the giant NatsukazeEn solo. Jun then appreciated his vehicle, despite its small size.

Personality and Traits



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  • Jet Caliber


  • Heli Falcon


Tsubasa Aoi

As his fellow comrade, Jun usually looks up to Tsubasa. Jun admires him for his character and his privilege to pilot Jet Falcon

Tatsuya Homura

Jun found it strange for a rookie member to be Fire-1 like Tatsuya. He was later inspired by Tatsuya's heart and will, making him call Tatsuya "Sempai" (Sempai refers to "senior").