June Lin Milliam is a heroine in Star Gladiator.


One of the most talented rhythmic gymnasts in the world, June is a British-Chinese girl who battles to avenge her parents' death at Bilstein's hands.

Originally hailing from Hong Kong, June and her parents were forced to take immediate refuge in the United Kingdom after an intense cultural revolution from mainland China had eventually spread into her hometown when she was 14. Soon after their migration, June's father, Michael Milliam was left with no other choice of work but from within the laboratories of Bilstein. Calamity struck again when June's father was killed in a laboratory accident, with her mother having disappeared and soon found after committing suicide. After finding out that her father's death was a cover-up at the crime scene after the arrest of Bilstein, June vowed to get her revenge against the mad scientist after his escape and declaration of universal domination. Through her uncle who had held a high position in the Earth Federation's military, June was able to join Project Star Gladiator, and follow her pursuit of vengeance.

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