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Jungle Girl is a comic book character created by Dynamite Comics.

Jungle Girl's real name is Jana, a young woman who has been living on an island in the jungle for most (if not all) of her life. The exact location of the island is not specified. The jungle is populated by dinosaurs, prehistoric beasts, and cavemen. Jana's peaceful life is interrupted when a plane carrying a group of adventurers crash-lands in her jungle.

While Jana has no superhuman powers, she does have several abilities that have helped her survive in the jungle. She's a strong fighter, a skilled acrobat, and a skilled hunter and tracker. Jana is familiar with most of the plant and animal species in the jungle and is fully aware of what they can do. According to the adventurers, she also has amazing reflexes.

Jana carries several weapons with her at all times, such as her spear, her hunting knife, and a vine rope. Jana also seems to be able to communicate with several of the animals in the jungle, including the wooly mammoth, which she rides in order to fight a finback.


  • She bears a resemblance to Jungle Queen from TimeSplitters 2.


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