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He's big, but God's bigger! And when I think of him, that's when I figure.. With his help, little guys can do big things, too!
~ Junior's catchphrase from "Dave and the Giant Pickle".
I'm pretty sure God wants us to help everyone, not just the people who are nice to us.

Junior Brady Asparagus is the tritagonist of the VeggieTales franchise, also as the main protagonist in occasion stories. He is a friend of Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber.

He was voiced by his original voice actor, Lisa Vischer, wife of the creator of VeggieTales, Phil Vischer, and was voiced by Tress MacNellie in the Netflix series. Lisa Vischer comes back to voice him in The VeggieTales Show.



Junior, like most vegetables, have white eyeballs with black pupils. He has green hair and his body is green, even his nose. He wears a yellow-red hat in a tilted direction.

He is sometimes seen wearing his shirt, which is a polo with red-white stripes.

Since VeggieTales In The House, he no longer wears his hat, and like the other veggies, he gains eye colors. His eye colors are amber.


Junior is a young, kind asparagus who believes and loves God. He can be impatient and make things wrong sometimes, but always learns from grown-ups about God, such as his good friends, Bob The Tomato and Larry The Cucumber.

Junior is also the best friend of Laura Carrot, another one of his friends. Although he argues with Laura sometimes, he had a great relationship with Laura.


  • He and Laura Carrot are known to be in love by fans, as they are best friends to each other. It is possible they have a connection to each other.


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