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Why does this guy love me? Why does any parent love any kid? Maybe it's one of those answers we'll never know, like how high is up? Why is the sky blue? And whatever happened to Mrs. Healy?
~ Junior at the end of Problem Child.

Junior Healy is the main protagonist in the Problem Child movies. He was played by Michael Oliver in the first two films, Justin Chapman in Junior's in Love, and voiced by Benjamin Diskin in the animated series.

He was returned to the orphanage 30 times as he causes trouble and chaos wherever he goes. Most times, he's surrounded by mean, selfish people, which makes him punish them with his pranks, which makes him feared and hated by those around him. He has a deadly, but very intelligent mind and good heart and is great with electricity and machinery. He wants to have a family and eventually meets Ben, his new parent and hero, who he bonds with because Ben Healy is the only person, who is nice to him and loves him.

In Problem Child 1, he pees on a camp fire and manipulates a joke played by Ben's rude and arrogant friend, Roy, and gets a real bear to scare everyone at camp. Then at a birthday party, a spoiled and ungrateful girl, Lucy throws a birthday party and excludes Junior from watching the magic show, he then puts a water sprinkler in her room, gets a boy to pin a tail on a woman's ass, cuts off a girl's braid, puts a frog in the punch bowl, replaces the pinata candy with pickles and the juice, tosses all her presents in the pool, and replaces the birthday candles with firecrackers. Later he becomes pen pals with the 1st movie's villain, Martin "The Bow Tie Killer" Beck, who comes to his home pretending to be his uncle, and kidnaps Flo, Ben's hot-tempered, self-serving wife, and Junior for ransom, and then Ben realizes that Junior loves him, so he rescues Junior from Beck at a circus and then Beck is arrested.

In Problem Child 2, the Healys move from Cold River to Mortville. There Junior pulls new stunts like calling Ben's girlfriend's ex husband and letting him know that she and Ben are on a date, which results in the ex husband beating up Ben and Ben driving them both home, creating a big vomiting festival at a carnival by accelerating a ride's speed, and gives Lawanda Dumore, the 2nd movie's villain, plastic surgery, which gives her a huge nose. Ben Healy falls in love with Nurse Annie Young and thanks to Trixie Young rolls a huge, magic rock on Lawanda and crashes a wedding cake on her as well.


  • He's been return to the orphanage 30 times.
  • Junior has a strong hatred of clowns, burning his new room of clown toys once seeing them.
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