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I'm nobody!
~ Jupiter to Cain Wise in the trailer

Jupiter Jones is the main protagonist of the 2015 Sci-Fi film, Jupiter Ascending.

She is portrayed by Mila Kunis who also voices Meg Griffin from Family Guy.

In Jupiter Ascending

in the movie ,Jupiter is a human woman which she is a simple houses cleaner with a bad luck that being finded by Cain Wise who tells her she is got a genetic seal who can change the entire cosmos and can become great queen but she and Cain and his guider Stinger are need to go out to defeat a alien named Balem Abrasax (the film's main villain) ,Balem is the older brother in Abrasax and one of three heirs from the most powerful dynasties in the world called Abrasax.

she is need to stop him from take Earth for himself .


Her personality is very good and full of kidness and in the film she will fall in love with Cain.

Role in the film

As an adult, Jupiter works as a housemaid in Chicago with her mother and aunt. She hates her life, and dreams of owning a brass telescope like the one possessed by her dead father. She considers herself to have been unlucky in love, and is told by Vassily that she is unmarried because she is too smart. To get the funds she needs for the telescope, she agrees to a money-making scheme set up by her second cousin Vladie that involves her selling her eggs to a fertility clinic. At the clinic she is identified as the recurrence of the dead intergalactic Queen Seraphi Abrasax, though she is not traced immediately because she uses the name of her friend and employer Katherine Dunlevy on account of her immigration status as an illegal alien. She is nearly murdered at the clinic by agents working for Seraphi’s eldest son Balem Abrasax, but is rescued by Caine Wise, who was sent to kidnap her by Seraphi’s youngest son Titus Abrasax. Balem, as Seraphi's primary heir, holds title to Earth, the most valuable property in Seraphi's estate. His siblings scheme to take Earth or at least knock Balem down a notch. Seraphi's will provides that title to the Earth will revert to her upon her recuurrance; to prevent that, Balem and Titus have agents looking out for a recuurrance. Balem wants to kill her. Titus wants to marry her, thereby becoming the primary heir, and then kill her.

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