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Josephy (also knowm as KO or K.O. Joe) is one of the three main characters (alongside Chick P & Chuckie Chan) of the british-canadian comedy animated showChop Socky Chooks.

He was voiced by Paterson Joseph.


As JJ he is dark-skinned with an afro and a soul patch. His daytime clothes are an orange and white cap with his initials, polo shirt, wristbands, pants, and sandals. He also wears headphones, and is rarely seen without them in "If Looks Could Kill", and on his neck a gold medallion. As K.O Joe, he wears a blue one-piece suit with a black sash, and has a finger-folded afro comb. If noticed carefully, during the changing scenes, K.O Joe has a dragon tattooed on his back.





Chop Socky Chooks

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Game Over Chooks

K.O. Joe first appears when showing the customer a bantam action figure, as he takes him out of the shop when Chuckie calls him and Chick P. for help (due to Ume and Itchi getting captured by Ninja Chimps) as they started fighting the Ninja Chimps while heading to Dr. Wasabi's lair.



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