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KVN is one of the protagonists of the Sci-Fi animated TV series Final Space.


Upon starting Gary's prison sentence aboard the Galaxy One, KVN was assigned to Gary as his Deep Space Insanity Avoidance Companion. Immediately upon introduction, Gary is prompt in voicing his immediate hatred of KVN, and frequently expresses hostility towards him on a regular basis. For the next five years, he made Gary's time in the Galaxy One a living hell, thanks to his obnoxious personality, fully earning him Gary's hatred. Even H.U.E. admitted to have never liked KVN, considering him a jag-off.


KVN is a spherical hovering robot, whose body is mostly composed of yellow, white, and gray parts. He has black and yellow stripes on each side, and has long, gray arms with two clamp-like digits on each hand. He has a large singular eye with a square black pupil, along with one red asymmetrical antenna. KVN also has a three-slit processor slot that lights up red whenever he speaks.

After the events in Chapter 4, KVN's appearance notably changes, as the damage he sustained from forcefully rebooting H.U.E. was severe. His body is now worn and missing paint in areas, and his antenna is now bent out of shape.

In season 2, after his "death", he rebuild himself with parts of the trash deposits of Clarence, having a more rustic appearance, but still be able to maintain his distinctive shape and features.


KVN is usually joyous and enthusiastic, no matter how dire situations may be. His energetic personality is usually seen as annoying and irritating to any character he interacts with, even the normally stoic A.I H.U.E. His title is ironic in the fact that he may actually cause more insanity than avoiding it. No matter how much he is ridiculed or yelled at, he does not seem fazed, and continues to irritate everyone he talks to.

In season 2, KVN sacrifices his insanity avoidance chip to save Fox, but at the cost of him going insane. 


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  • Ironically and contrary to his purpose, he causes Gary go more mad instead of preventing this.


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