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Hero Overview

You were beaten by Ka Ryo Ten, strategist of the Hi Shin Unit! Remember that name well!
~ Shin to Hyou Ki of the Five Fingers of Wei.
Ka Ryo Ten, you...the strategist of the Hi Shin Unit...the same men who killed Kei Sha-sama and Gaku Ei!! It was you...A little girl like you...!!
~ Kin Mou on Ten as he tries to kill her.

Ka Ryo Ten, also known as the Brains behind the Hi Shin Army, is one of the central deuteragonist and a tritagonist inthe popular historical seinen manga and anime series, Kingdom. She is the head strategist of the Hi Shin Army as well as its tactical advisor. A former top student of Shou Hei Kun, the Chief of Military Affairs and Chancellor of Right, she is one of the smartest tacticians within the series as she serves as the main Right-hand of Ri Shin in everything regrading formal strategy and tactics alongside Kyou Kai and So Sui during the Warring States era of ancient B.C. China.

Originally Introduced as a lookout for the local thugs of an infamous bandit town, Ten quickly became an ally as she sided with Ei Sei, Shin, Shou Bun Kun, Heki, the rest of Ei Sei Faction in the fight of the Qin throne for the chance of earning riches and live-in luxuries but after realizing that she couldn't bear the thought of everyone growing stronger and stronger while she remained the same and wanting to be alongside Shin as he fought for his dream of becoming the Greatest General underneath the Heavens on the battlefield, Ten decided to become a strategist while striving to change and with help from Kyou Kai, she became a student of Shou Hei Kun's Strategist Academy. After graduating with top honors and her skills being recognized from Shou Hei Kun himself, Ten later became the strategist of the Hi Shin Unit during their days as a 1000-Men marauding unit and has since been present in every single one of their battles.

In the anime, she is voiced by Rie Kugimiya who has provided the voices of Kagura from Gintama, Happy from Fairy Tail, Nagi Sanzenin from Hayate the Combat Butler, and Alphonse Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist.


In her younger days, Ten wore a straw poncho to hide her gender while underneath this, she wears a tunic with a zigzag collar and a small curates of chain mail to protect herself, She also wears bandages on her feet and legs. By the time Ten meets the Hi Shin Unit and reunites with Shin, she wears a straw yellow tunic with zigzag hemlines. She also wears two armbands with the same pattern and brown boots.

When first introduced, Ka Ryo Ten was a little girl with blue eyes and short hair with a tomboyish appearance which was enough for Shin and others to mistake her for a boy. After the Sanyou campaign, she grew taller with her hair having grown longer, and her overall appearance becoming more feminine in which even the members of Hi Shin Unit pointed out her obvious gender to Shin (who still believed her to be a boy). After the Coalition War, Ten's hair grew to shoulder length and she has become more well-endowed.

The only consistent appearance she maintains throughout the series are two strands of hair sticking out from the top of her head and her Clan Kyuumei owl mask connected to her straw poncho.


She is also one of Ri Shin's closet friends and comrades as her willing to lay down her life for him and he capable of doing the same.


After surviving the fight for throne and helping in defeating Sei Kyou's rebellion along with stopping the Ketsu Faction's ambitions, she was satisfied with the new life she had with Shin as they became roommates in his first home but she and...

With a new goal in front of her, she decided to become a strategist while striving to change and with recommendation from Kyou Kai, she became a student of Shou Hei Kun's Strategist Academy.

After graduating with top honors and skills recognized from the Chief himself, she became the strategist of the Hi Shin Unit during their days as a 1000-man unit and has been present in every single one of their battles since then.


Good for you, Shin. It's finally time for your first campaign. You better kick their asses good!
~ To Shin

Powers and Abilities

A prodigy with potential that can only called incredibly vast, Ka Ryo Ten is the Hi Shin Army's 1# number strategist and continually proves to quite adept in this role.

While training at the academy, her skill as a strategist is on par with Mou Ki, the top student at the best strategist academy in Qin (in tabletop simulations at least). Also alongside Mou Ten, she is one of only two people who received special strategist recognition from their master, Shou Hei Kun. She is also apparently very good at cooking and has extremely good eyesight, being able to make out the words on the Zhao army's flags while being positioned a number of miles away.

Physical Abilities

  • Genius Intellect
    • Elucidation: As one of the Hi Shin Army's leading strategist, Ten is able to understand complicated concepts and explain them to to other members, noticeably Shin, easily.
  • Endurance:

Fighting Style

Miscellaneous Abilities


  • Muta's Blowgun:
  • Bows and Arrows:


  • Lack of Combat Skills:


  • Ri Shin (best friend/older brother figure/comrade)
  • Ei Sei (close friend/leader)
  • Heki (close friend/comrade)
  • Yo Tan Wa (comrade)
  • Ba Jio (comrade)
  • Tajifu (comrade)
  • Kyou Kai (comrade)
  • Mou Ki (close friend/comrade)




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