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Kaa is a python living in the jungle with golden stripe marks on his dark brown scales and known for his special gaze that can hypnotize anyone that looks into his eyes.


Kaa is somewhat friendly towards Mowgli but likes to be left alone. He gets grumpy when he sheds his skin seen in "Itchy Twitchy Kaa" and when he gets mistaken for a vine in "Wild Black Bees" and "Man Trap." Kaa can be helpful at times too shown in the same episode (when he assisted Baloo out of the trap) and rescues Mowgli in the Cold Lair in "Itchy Twitchy Kaa" when he's in a good mood and especially when repaying a debt in "Is That You, Kaa?."

In "Mowgli's Ghost", when Mowgli was believed to be dead Kaa was seen crying over his friend showing that he greatly cared for the boy.


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