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Kage-Maru is a character from the Virtua Fighter video game series. He is a member of the Hagakure clan.


He is raised by the ninth generation Kage-Maru and the eighth generation Tsukikage, his father and mother. His father trained him in the Hagakure style Ju-Jutsu to prepare for his innate rights.

Many years ago, his mother was kidnapped by a mysterious figure and never found. Years later, the entire village of Kage-Maru was burned and his father was shot and killed. Kage-Maru found that Judgment 6 was responsible for all of this and entered the World Fighting Championships that sought revenge for the first time. When Kage-Maru participated in the competition but did not find more information about J6. When he discovered that his mother was converted to Dural by J6, he entered the second game. He saved Tsukikage, but she became ill because of the sequela of Dural.

Kage-Maru entered the third third tournament to find a link between his mother and the new model of Dural. After winning the third third tournament, he recovered a part from the new Dural, hoping it would help his mother, but it changed her back to Dural. She escaped with the help of J6, Kage-Maru entered the fourth game to kill her, there is no other way.

Kage-Maru entered the final of the fourth tournament, but the game was interrupted by Dural. However, he defeated Dural, but found it was not the real Dural and entered the fifth game to save his mother and end J6.


  • His vendetta against J6, especially since they kidnapped his mother and turned her into Dural.


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