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FOOL! My body is saturated with poison! It's so strong that even the touch of my lips will kill instantly. No one can touch me, anyone who dares to... Dies.
~ Kagero

Kagero is the deuteragonist and lead heroine of the 1993 anime movie Ninja Scroll. She is a female ninja and the official food taster for the Mochizuki clan's Chamberlain. Kagero has an immunity to poisons and her work as a food taster has resulted in her body becoming poisonous due to her ingestion of so many toxins and poisons; anyone who sleeps with or even kisses her therefore dies shortly after due to the poison in her body.

She is voiced by Emi Shinohara in the Japanese version and Wendee Lee in the English version, both of whom also voice Angel.


Kagero is a young woman of average height with shoulder-length black hair, red eyes and a pale skin complexion. She wears a blue kimono with a red and white sarashi that stops at waist length and a pair of sandals on her feet with white tabi. Her most notable piece of clothing is a purple headband with a ruby in the middle.


As a food taster who was on her very first field mission during her encounter with Tessai, Kagero is highly inexperienced. She has a definite lack of combat experience, particularly when compared to Jubei, and so is forced to rely on tricking and manipulating her enemies. This includes poisoning Tessai by allowing him to rape her and holding people at knife-point to get them to do what she wants. Although she puts on an aloof facade, she is quite emotional when compared to Jubei or Dakuan, being motivated by revenge for her dead colleagues and having some personal issues due to her work.

Kagero is also a very broken and fragile person; due a lifetime of stern training, she shows absolute dedication to her mission and takes highly suicidal risks, with seemingly no regard for her own life. She seems to have a very hard time seeing herself as anything other than a tool to be thrown away, since that's what she's been treated as for her entire life. This brings her into conflict with Jubei, who hates people who, in his words, think so little of their own worth.


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