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Kagura 3rd form

Kagura is a heroine and the Big Good in the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson. She is a unique and eternal being who repeatedly reincarnates every 100 years solely to eradicate Yōma. Records of her date back as far as 900 years.

Appearance and Personality

In her first stage, she takes the form of a young child. She has short black hair with red ribbons in her hair, she wears a long white and red overcoat with pink bloomers that have red etching on them. Her expression is usually happy and she has odd emblems where her pupils should be. She's always barefoot.

In her second form, she takes on the appearance of a teenager, with a white dress with black trimmings and white shoes. Her hair is also a bit longer. Her face and expression are usually stoic.

In her third form, she takes on the appearance of an adult, with a black dress with brown trimmings and black shoes. Her hair is also longer. Her face and expression are usually ruthless.

As True Kagura, her appearance is largely similar to her adult form, though her eyes now glow golden. She wears a black breastplate and red cape, both bearing the symbol present in her eyes.

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