I'm Kai-Lan. Ni Hao, that's how I say Hi in chinese. Say Ni Hao. Ni Hao ... Super!
~ Kai-Lan

Kai-Lan is the main character of the show Ni Hao, Kai-Lan. She speaks both English, and Chinese. Her friends are Rintoo, Lulu, Tolee, and Hoho. She has a lot of fun, and she lives in the United States of America. And she has a grandpa, who she calls Ye-Ye, and she also has a great aunt named Gu Nai Nai. She went to visit Gu Nai Nai in China.


Kai-Lan is friendly, caring and very generous. She always helps her friends whenever they need help. She helps her friends when they're sad, scared, mad, frustrated, jealous, disappointed or left out. One time, she felt sad when it got very windy, and it made Ye-Ye's thank-you party get all messed up. So her friends had to help her to feel happy again. She loves dinosaurs, her friends, her grandpa and great aunt, and if there's one thing that makes her happy, it's making silly faces.


Kai-Lan has fair skin, black hair tied up in two buns with red flowers in it, white and brown eyes with black pupils, and she wears a blue sleeveless shirt with two red hearts, and a jade necklace on it, orange shorts with red stripes, and red shoes.



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