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Kairi Sisigou is a main character from Fate/Apocrypha and the Master of Saber of Red, also known as Mordred in the Great Holy Grail War.


Kairi takes his role as Saber of Red's Master. Likewise, he is a freelance magus known as a necromancer who is hired by Rocco Belfaban and sent by the Magus Association to participate in the Great Holy Grail War.


Kairi is 32 years old during in the Great Holy Grail War. His fiendish appearance is just like that of an American outlaw. Kairi has a scarred face, razor-sharp eyes with a noticeable gaze, a muscular frame, and a black jacket fashioned from hides skinned from magical beasts. He carries a thick stench of blood and gunpowder emanating from his entire body due to the battlefields he has worked in as a freelance bounty hunter.


Kairi openly distrusts other Masters (especially Shirou Amakusa Tokisada) even when they offer him alliances, summoned a Saber-class Servant from Arthurian legend, fights mages using modern weapons (including guns with unusual ammunition) despite being a mage, and was deeply affected by the death of a girl close to him. In fact, Kairi calls Saber of Red's rebellion against her father, King Arthur, "a courageous act". He specifically notes that it doesn't matter whether it was right or wrong, but the fact she was willing to fight one of the greatest kings in legend was no small feat.

However, he shows a fairly noble character as the story progresses. Kairi has defects from the Red Faction after seeing just how far Shirou was going to achieve his goals, and how he no longer is fighting for the original goals they had starting the war. He claims his wish is simply to improve the abilities and standing of his clan due to it being cursed, but in reality he just wants to bring his stepdaughter back to life, who died due to rejecting his Magical Crest after it was discovered that he was sterile and whose passing was key to him abandoning the traditional path of the Magus.