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“I've pledged to my brother... That I will never lose!”
~ Kang
“It’s time to turn on the show!”
~ Kang (Evolved form)

Kang is one of the playable heroes in the online game Mini Fighter. He is a South Korean martial artist and the lover of Hikaru and his unnamed younger brother is his only known family member in the game. 


Kang Hyuk is the last Taekwondo fighter of the country of South Korea. His arch-rival and friend is Cro and Kang is also good enough to match against him. Kang is a agile and a strong fighter who refuses to be in Dr. Shade nor Delta-M's sides. He lives with his younger brother but however, its unknown how his parents passed away. His story shows that he wants to become a fighting champion in order to make his younger brother happy. His younger brother was injured and is recovering at the hospital from a terrible incident (it's unknown if its a car accident or he might have been beaten up by someone). At the arena, Kang fought a man named Max. Kang was grabbed by Max in the face and freed himself from the attack. Max grabbed a broken cider bottle to hit Kang's leg. Then, he punched Kang in the face. After he got punched by Max, he finally found the strength to beat him. He punched Max in the face and finished him off with a powerful kick. After that, Kang is the winner and made his younger brother happy. Kang and his brother were in tears smiling at the end of his story. Kang is shown to have a high IQ in martial arts as he can identify his foe's weakness and kicks them with his powerful Taekwondo arts. Kang wasn’t in Dr. Shade's forces nor Delta-M. But, he still cares for Dr. Shade. After hearing the news of Dr. Shade's death, Kang felt heartbroken. He formed a group to start a journey to avenge Dr. Shade's death. Later, Kang fell in love with a young green-haired samurai warrior girl named Hikaru and they both worked together to stop Delta-M from his evil plans on attacking people and planning on ruling the world.


Physical Features: Kang is a handsome young man with medium length brown hair and green eyes. His evolved form's hair has beige streaks and his ultimate form has longer hair tied into a low ponytail. His ultimate form has a scar on the left side of his cheek. However, it is unknown how he got the scar.

Kang's normal form is around 15 years old with a white taekwondo dobok with long detached sleeves, a black belt around his waist, and a red headband with a claw mark on the forehead. Both of his hands and feet are bandaged and wears red gauntlets with yellow marks on his hands.

His Evolved variant is 17 years old and wears a sleeveless black dobok with a long orange hooded vest, a red and white waistband with a red belt, and a black headband without the claw mark on his forehead. He has a bandage on his left cheek, and around his right arm is a white wrap of bandage.

His Ultimate variant is 20 years old and wears a red shirt which shows off his chest, a white waistband with a black belt around his waist, and black pants with gold details. His hands has black gauntlets and his head no longer has a headband. Around his neck is a white fur collar with a wolf with glowing red.


Kang is shown to be courteous towards his foes in battle. He is shown as a calm, courageous, self-assured, brave, strong willed, kindhearted, determined, and a wise young man. He deeply cares for his brother very much and he is kind towards others around the world. Kang is also a cheerful and energetic boy who is willing to protect everyone from Delta-M and his forces.

Power and Skills

Unlike most fighters, Normal Kang has no ranged skill. But Kang has really powerful kicking and punching skills that is good enough to strike his foes down. His normal form's jump attack makes a fire ball to help him avoid getting attacked by his foes. His evolved forms can make a powerful flaming tiger at his foes which is similar to Cro creating a powerful wolf of wind at his foes. Kang has a ranged skill for his evolved forms when jumping in the the air throwing multiple fire balls at his foes.


  • Kang means river in Korean.
  • Kang and Raizin are the only two characters that has a sibling.
  • Kang's fist is used for the logo of Mini Fighter except for the Taiwanese version which has evolved Kyle's fist.
  • He is born on August 15th.
  • His blood type is AB.
  • His zodiac sign is Leo.


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