Kanga is a anthropomorphic, stuffed kangaroo belonging to Christopher Robin. She and her son Roo got their names because their names without space make word kangaroo (Kanga + Roo = Kangaroo). She first appeared as the supporting character in Winnie the Pooh series. Hospitable and gentle, Kanga is the mother of Roo and a good friend to the Hundred Acre Wood residents, most notably Tigger. She is a supporting character in The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, The Tigger MoviePiglet's Big MovieWinnie the Pooh (2011) and My Friends Tigger and Pooh and the deuteragonist of Pooh's Heffalump Movie.

She was originally voiced by Barbara Luddy, who previously voiced Merryweather in Sleeping Beauty and Lady in Lady and the Tramp. From The Tigger Movie through My Friends Tigger and Pooh, she was voiced by Kath Soucie, who previously voiced Wendy Darling as an adult in Return to Never Land.




Kanga is the sweet and caring mother of Roo. However, she also acts as a motherly figure to the other Hundred Acre Wood characters, giving advice and help to those in need. She is notable in a way, as she is one of the few characters that Tigger doesn't bounce. Instead, he treats her extremely respectfully, often referring to her as Mrs. Kanga.



  • Her name, Kanga, and her son's name, Roo, when put together they make kangaroo, which is their species.


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