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Kangaroo Jack
Kangaroo Jack
, also known as Jackie Legs, is the titular tetartagonist of the live action film franchise of the same name. His friends are Charlie Carbone and Louis Booker

He was voiced by an uncredited Adam Garcia in the first film and by Jeff Bennett in the second film.


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On the plane, Louis opens the package, against Frankie's instructions, to find $50,000 in cash. Upon landing in Australia, they rent a Land Cruiser and head to Mr. Smith. On their way, they accidentally hit a red kangaroo. Thinking it is dead, Louis puts his "lucky jacket" on the kangaroo and with Charlie's sunglasses to pose for photographs as a joke, as he thinks the kangaroo looks like "Jackie Legs", one of Sal's henchmen from Canarsie. The kangaroo then regains consciousness and hops away with one problem; the $50,000 was in the jacket. Charlie and Louis get into their car and try to reclaim the money from the jacket on the kangaroo, but the ensuing chase ends with the duo running into a field of termite mounds and crashing into a pile of rocks.



  • Jack was confused to be the main protagonist of the first and second film.
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