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Kanon Konomori is one of the supporting characters of the comedy yuri anime and manga series WATATEN!: An Angel Flew Down to Me.


Kanon is a representative in the main trio of girl's class alongside her best friend Koyori Tanemura. Kanon can best be described as being largely responsible for her age, and is often the one students ask for assistance which tends to enrage Koyori largely. Despite Koyori's clumsiness, Kanon values her more than any of the other students would admit to. It is strongly implied that she has romantic feelings for Koyori, but is unsure about what was to be done for those feelings. At the least, she is aware that her feelings for Koyori extend far past just viewing her as a friend. It happened years ago when Kanon had accidentally let her balloon go and it got caught in a tree. Koyori manages to grab the balloon, but Kanon began to break down because she believed that Koyori would've died because of her.

Koyori was also the type of girl to provide emotional support. This is often shown whenever she comforts Koyori for making mistakes, and when she first met Miyako, she was at first taken aback when she realized that she wasn't anything like what the rumors circulating at their school would've made her believe. However, rather than being mad, she instead comforts Miyako, telling her that she was even better than what the rumors were claiming about her.


  • Her birthday is February 28th, ergo her astrological sign is Pisces.
  • Kanon excels in several different subjects and tasks, but the one thing she isn't good at is making jokes.
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