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Hero Overview
~ Kao
It’s… It’s just that it hurts to think about getting cut open, poisoned, bruised, getting cut in many little pieces and all sort of things all the time and knowing that I’ll go through it again and again and again and again.
~ Kao Ushi
But I can’t help but think that everyone has a little good inside of them, he’s also a really funny man! Have you ever considered that maybe all he needs is someone that is willing to understand him?
~ Kao Ushi

Kao Ushi known as Friend Cow is one of the main protagonists from Doll Eye. They are the spiritual Guardian Angel that is ordered to protect Alfred Brown. They remain as close best friends.


Kao Ushi is seen to be sensitive and naive but has a kind heart. He isn't the type of person to want to fight or use any form of violence even when necessary which makes Kao Ushi a very soft character.


Kao appears to look like a goat mixed with an angel. He has big bushy brown hair, a lime green dark green striped sweater, dark brown-grey pants, white socks, and black shoes. They appear to be designed as round and sharp making them an active and good character.

Early Life

Alfred used to work as a farmer and eventually died in his sleep. He eventually was assigned to be a spirit guardian angel to protect Alfred Brown at all costs. He would also end up working as a custodian/guardian when not protecting Alfred Brown.


Alfred Brown

Alfred Brown is a close friend of Kao's. He protects him at all costs since he has been assigned by God of some sort to take care of Alfred Brown as a Guardian Spirit Angel. They are close friends and Alfred Brown often would try to help Kao out of self-harm.



  • It is mentioned by the creator that Kao Ushi has feelings for Alfred Brown.
  • Kao Ushi looks familiar to the design of Asriel Dreemurr as evident to these similarities:
    • The two have striped sweaters that are very alike and have the same green-like colors.
    • The two are goats species with the horns and ears.
    • And how they are soft and kind-hearted.
    • And how their stories are connected by sleeping and dreaming.
    • They both have tragic backstories.
  • Kao Ushi believes that Mystery Burns can change in spite of the way he has been like coming off as a sadistic control freak.
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